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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Derek18, Mar 30, 2016.

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    So I'm descently new to smoking. Personally I have a pipe and love to smoke a bowl or roll a joint. But I need to cover it up. They smell way too much. I was debating about buying a vaporizer because I've heard they save weed, are a stronger and longer high, minimal smell, very healthy, and very easy to use. I've been looking at the Apex. I've just been wondering, I love traditional smoking everything about it is fun but it's so easy to get caught by suspicious parents. I feel like I might just be wasting money on a vaporizer but I like to be able to go places while high with no smell. Is it worth the money?

    And also I've never tried a vaporizer. I just love the idea of saving money for a better high while being able to smoke without worry. Thanks
  2. Mini flowermate at could get it for 85$ and a free aluminum small grinder

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    Sure get a vape.
    Spend the extra on an Arizer Solo or Air for what I think are best bangs for your bucks.

    I think the Apex is Chinese junk. Could be wrong but thats my opinion.
  4. I like Da Buddha vape the best for a table top. Very cheap and great reviews.

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  5. Vapes still smell, but it doesn't stick to clothes and fades quickly.

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