Should I buy a used illadelph for $250?

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  1. Ive been toking for a while and I have 3 water pipes (bongs) and a friend came up to me and asked if i wanted to buy his illadelph for $250. I know him well so I know he didn't do any weird stuff to it and he only bought it a month ago so its barely used. Should I buy it or should I get a cheaper brand bong for a better bang for my buck? Thank you in futher notice and all opinions are accepted.
    P.S. Its the 9mm rasta beaker (new value is $550)
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  2. I dont like buying name brand shit solely based on the name. For 250$ you could get a new bong, vaporizer, and flowers for both.

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  3. One-month-old, with over 50% discount, not a shabby deal for a 9mm Illadelph. (if you are really into Illadelph) .
  4. Invest the $250 in stocks.
  5. 250 dollars, not 250k..... :p
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  6. I've always prefered a bong that smokes good my medicali was 300 but I prefer my uncle's 1973 jester ceramic bong no bells and whistles. But I mean hey if u got the money and want a cool piece why not

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  7. You must be really impressed with brand names to be willing to spend that much on something so silly. Glass is glass. I'd buy an ounce and a no-name model.
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  8. It's not just about the name, it's about the thickness of the glass. I'd rather spend 250 on 5mm thick glass that will survive a tumble than 50 on "china" glass that will crack when you look at it funny. Go for it OP, if you got your bills paid why not.
  9. It's your $ money Kid, get what you want. But here's something to think about, a bong is simply a means to get you to an end (getting high). You could get a Grav Labs beaker for around a hundred and get yourself a couple quarters.
    It's the herb your smoking not the pipe.
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  10. Then buy better china glass! I wouldn't spend $50 on china glass either... I top out at $35ish for that. I've got 2 china glass bongs that have survived falls of counters. So, your mileage may vary there. I'd also bet that the OP's friend is selling this bong because he found out that he bought a bootleg illadelphia in the first place.
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  11. I have a 5mm gold medium sized illadelph beaker and I love it it is definitely worth the money I would say.. I also have a hoss straight tube and when people say glass is glass I far more prefer the illadelph it just gives way cleaner and smoother hits bubbles up nice also post pics if you get it!


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