should I buy a spacecase grinder?

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  1. I want the medium 4 piece grinder I've heard it's the best quality grinder and that's what I'm going for and I think it's around 100$. does anyone have one and was it worth it? I could get an half oz of top shelf for that much but I shouldn't think that way. comments?

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  2. unless you're going to be grinding superfluous amounts of ganja, spend at most 30-50 on a decent grinder.
  3. I concur. I don't see the need to spend a bill on a grinder.
  4. 100 is over priced.

    I got my large 4pc for 80

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  5. good quality.  i think it's worth it.  i've had mine for a while and it grinds effortlessly.  good durability.  i don't remember paying $100 for them though.  maybe like $70.  keep looking online, there are cheaper websites.
  6. Check out Cosmic grinders. They're the same thing but cheaper.
  7. ¡No grinders worth a C note bro!
    ¡muy malo!
  8. Medtainer 8 bucks!
    amazon! Or raw shred trainer they now make this inna 300s edition!
  9. Buy them off Amazon. When I was gonna get one I saw them on there for like$65 a while ago
  10. I got my razor 4 piece for 40$

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  11. Yea I don't think it's worth it. I spent $45 on my chromium crusher and it hasn't let me down, has sharp diamond shaped teeth, they don't snap off, there are a good amount of holes, and the grinder grinds the bud to the perfect consistency. Not too fine, not too coarse. It's perfect for joints/blunts, bongs and everything. But it's just a grinder. It doesn't improve your high, so why soend so much? You can spend $25 on a decent 4 chamber grinder.
  12. I've been using one I bought off Amazon for years now, cost $25 i think. The screen for the keif catcher wont stay on but still grinds it up fine.
    Spacecases are cool if your curren$y or snoop
  13. Honestly if you spend more then 25-30 on a grinder you're wasting money. You are using it to bust weed, that's it. I'm sure you will survive if your $20 grinder busts your weed to small, and you will get the same effects. Or just buy some titanium scissors and never worry about a grinder again.
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    Sharp shredda. That's the best bang for your buck, I'd take one over a space case and it's less than half the price. Then a Santa Cruz shredder but I'd still opt for the sharp shredda. Square teeth are better than diamond, diamond are better than spikes.
  15. You can pry find a 4-piece medium for a cheaper price. Look on Ebay. 
    Don't get a knock-off grinder though. My roommates have a couple crappy ones and my Space Case makes them look bad in performance, feel, and aesthetics. 
  16. I'm really baked my preferences about this are exactly the opposite I like round teeth like just pegs rounded edges so it just tears the weed up naturally like fingers did it
  17. Again really baked so if I'm getting this out of context I'm sorry I'm not trying to even be disagreeable just really high and I don't like a grinder to break my shit up too much myself I like it torn down to lil bud boogers
  18. Ive owned a $10 metal grinder
    Two sharpstones (old and new)

    I say you should invest in a 4 part grinder. But i say $30-50 is good

    Spacecase has primo craftmanship but i compared to my $30 sharpstone. I beat it up and the sharpstone has small things that show its not "as" good such as how the screen is fitted.

    But i would reccomend a 30-40 grinder unless you are a heavy toker who collects kief and wants a grinder that wont get too thrashed.
  19. I'm pretty sure you can get space cases on Amazon for $60. I have a Santa Cruz I got for $80 and I love it

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    I spent $5 on a grinder that works flawlessly. It even has a pollen collector that works just fine. I've had it for 3 years now and it never had a single problem. Why waste $95 on junk? Buy yourself something nice with that cash instead.
    EDIT: I'm not a cheap person. I buy quality in items that deserve quality. Unless you have tons of money to spare, $100 for a damn grinder is a waste. $100 for handpipe is more suitable. But it's up to you OP. Waste $95 for a "superior" grinder, or get that half-oz of top-shelf goodness.

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