should I buy a spacecase grinder?

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  1. I want the medium 4 piece grinder I've heard it's the best quality grinder and that's what I'm going for and I think it's around 100$. does anyone have one and was it worth it? I could get an half oz of top shelf for that much but I shouldn't think that way. comments?

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  2. Go on ebay. I found a guy selling a large Santa Cruz shredder fkr 65, I offered him 50 n he took it
  3. Yes! 
    I paid $35 for the two piece titanium one at my local headshop and it's been amazing so far! Yeah it doesn't have a kief catcher but I'm okay with that. I had gotten an 8th in one super dense nug the size of a lighter and it was crazy trying to break it up by hand... I got a space case grinder and it tore that nug up in no time!
    The teeth are titanium so I know it will grind up pretty much anything that I throw at it. 
  4. I love my space case. It has never let me down in the past 2 years that I've had it and it's teeth are still sharp
  5. Space case, sharpstone, Santa Cruz are all quality grinders

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    I used three different brands before I settled down with my spacecase. I used to own sharpstone, santacruz, and mendomulcher. I have to say the spacecase tops all other grinders I've owned in the past. Sharpstone and santacruz are reputable companies but their grinders get sticky and becomes difficult to grind after several months of usage (this can be prevented if you clean your grinder ever so often but who cleans their grinders right?). Mendomulcher is another great company but I only owned their 2pc grinder so I won't talk about them. Spacecase, oh man, used it the past 4years without cleaning it and it's still smooth as butter when I grind my flower. It also keeps your flower fluffy even after the grind. You can purchase the spacecase from amazon at your convenience for like $60. My spacecase will probably last me until I die, and even if I break it (not sure how) or lose it, I will purchase another one because they're fucken fantastic!
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    The teeth are aluminum just like the rest of the grinder.   The Ti SpaceCases are just anodized in a titanium coating.
    Great grinder though.    Been using mine for over 5 years now without a hitch.
  8. That's not true...

    The black space case is TI anodized coating ontop of aircraft grade aluminum.

    Not TI by any means. It it where it would probably cost a lot more $

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    Like I said in your other thread, way too much, got my large 4pc for $80

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  9. absolutely. it's the best grinder hands down.. there's just no competition. here's a guy who reviewed them in detail:
  10. Any other life decisions you want us to make for you?

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