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Should I buy a safe?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by tdavis020, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Alright so one of my friends has a safe and he uses it to hide his bong and large amounts of weed, so it got me to thinking that I should get one. My bong is 1 foot long so it needs to be big enough for that, and Im also going to put large amounts of weed in it.. do yall know of any good websites that sell these or what the best ones to purchase are?
  2. Sentry are my favorite safes I have one for my documents that's fireproof and waterproof and all that good stuff. I also have a Sentry gun safe which is great also. They also have safes that can put into walls into floors and etc. Check them out
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    If you live with your parents or in a dorm and are afraid of having it taken then yeah get a safe. Otherwise I see no reason.

    I mean I don't leave my shit out on like the table just b/c you never know but I keep it all in my closet in a bag, I suppose if someone ransacked my house they would find it but otherwise only I know it's there and there's pretty much zero risk of it being taken.

    Unless you buy pounds of dank I don't see much of a point in stashing it in a safe. Is it really that precious? I usually just buy half ounces for my dome ($200ish for top notch). I mean it would suck if it got stolen but not that much. It's not like a diamond ring or $2,000 in cash or anything..
  4. i have one and thats where i put my weed and bubbler. plus my money. and anything else i dont want touched.
  5. Yeah I mean I live in an off campus apt, but a cop came into our apt a couple of weeks ago and illegally searched it (we got all charges dropped) and i also have a roomate that likes to try and sneak weed. If I had a safe I know that he wont be snooping in my room, plus if anyone were to come in all my money and stuff would be safe.
  6. i would suggest just getting a nice lockbox to put your weed and money and shit in, it will be much cheaper than getting a safe big enough for your bong. but if you have the money then go for the safe.
  7. i bought a little 100 dollar key safe on ebay. well it was 75 and shipping was 25. its not fire proof or anything but no ones gonna get in without putting some work in to it.

    all and all i'd say it was a good investment. i don't worry about someone just being able to pick up my shit and leave with it. you gotta go through some steel to fux with me. it might only be like 1/8 an inch of steel but still. the point is someone is gonna have to actually try if they wanna rob me. not just open a shoe box or some shit.
  8. Safe's are good investments, especially if you're stashing large sums of cash and potm like you mentioned.
  9. Im thinking of getting a real safe cause theyre bigger and can be entered by pin and whatnot. Ive have the gta lock box (pos, anything solid or halfway solid that fits in the keylock can twist it open) and I also have 2 cash boxes which work great and provide enough room for pipes, small small bongs, oz's of weed and wahtnot. The thing im afaird of is loosing the keys for them and having a bunch of weed or expensive tokin tools in it :/
  10. I have a little fireproof lockbox I got at Staples for like $20, holds a couple ounces of bud, my money, and my piece.
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  11. If any of y'all have Goodwill's or a similar thrift shop near you, you should check them out, they often have locking cabinets and office boxes (like, short filing cabinets that lock) that would be perfect for either stashing your shit in or could be converted to a sweet ass stealth grow cabinet.
  12. If you live in a Dorm, Apartment, or anything you dont personally own YES

    you can buy a small fireproof safe for under $50

    you can also buy a small metal lock box (typically used at high school football games for cash) for under $30

    I have Both. Used the fireproof for weed for a while, then need it for something else so I switched to the small black metal one with a key/lock.

    Both work great, the fireproof is maybe a little more smell proof.

    It is nice to have all you shit in ONE location, that is easy to lock and hide or move to another location if you need to. Hell its locked, so if you had to stash it outside for a few hours your stash would (should) be safe!
  13. The thing about all lockboxes and safes is that if a theif breaks in and can't open it due to it being locked, they can just pick it up and take it.....pointless unless its bolted and secured down heavily.
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  14. Sounds to me like you should definitely get a safe or a new roomate haha
  15. Exactly. Once they see the safe they know theirs gonna be valuables inside I just hide my stuff well so they wouldn't find it in the first place. A wall safe would be cool.
  16. ha I know right. Im probably going to check out the local pawn shops and stuff, thats a really good idea and alot cheaper then buying a new one (ive seen prices from like 300-600 bucks for one big enough)
  17. buy a cheap old BIG computer put it somewhere take of the side case and put ur shit in there no one will find it
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    Lol you bumped a 10 year old thread to spam/advertise some bs safe website?? Did you not think any 1 would notice that you you posted.. you made it way too obvious by bumping this dead thread dude lol.
  19. Fuck it get a gun safe... but have fun moving it to the next place
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  20. Safes are ok, I have two(1 smaller one not) BUT if it can be picked up and carried out how good is a safe rly? I keep a lot of important stuff in my safe. It’s fire proof but anyone could carry it out and break into it else where. My other safe ain’t being moved without a crew of guys... unless its bolted down or too big to move there isn’t rly much security
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