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Should I Buy a Pax

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by AM15, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys
    I'm new to vaping and i'm looking at getting the Pax by Ploom. I was just wondering if anyone has lots of experience with it. I've been told that if you use it lots it doesn't work as well, but that doesn't bother me because i'm not a big smoker anyway. Just wondering if someone can lay out the pros and cons for me. The stealth and the overall look are definently a big pro ! haha
    Thanks heaps !

  2. From what I've read, you should get the Solo.
  3. I've been told that, but the big draw back for me is that its not really that portable. I should have mentioned i move around a lot, pretty much live out of a duffel bag, so portability is a big thing for me. 
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    Without a doubt, get the Volcano.
  5. My cousin has a pax. I absolutely hated it. Complete garbage imo

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  6. I bought one and used it for a few weeks, it worked ok, I much rather prefer my water pipe, that's just my preference. But if it's discretion and portability you want, that's a good piece to by. You may look into a cheaper vape to start to see how you like it, since the pax is pretty spendy.

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    Wrong.    The Solo has a very restrictive flow rate, but once you figure out how to hit it, it is one of the best portables on the market.
    But I'm curious.   Please post up your source as to your statement that the Solo has one of the highest flow rates on the market, or maybe I should ask you to explain what you mean by "flow rate"?
  8. The Solo has an extremely bad air restriction, almost like a blunt. It's made like that so the heater doesn't get too overpowered by airflow. Without air restriction, you'd be vaping at temperatures 20-30 degrees lower than what you have it set at.
    Please don't spread misinformation.
    I will argue that it's portable, though. I've taken this thing to the middle of the desert and hit it. How is that not portable, when the Volcano is stuck to an outlet? You can throw it in your pocket and have a pre-loaded stem and vape whenever you want basically (within 2 minutes of course for the heater to heat up ;) ) Sure it's not as "stealthy" but you can pull off the Solo as a drink or something if you keep the stem clean. Even better is when the stem is out, you can call it a hand heater or a portable battery charger.
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    Ok, for the benefit of anyone that may be reading this thread, do NOT put any credence into what this guy says.     He has absolutely no idea what in the hell he is talking about.    It got so bad over at FC (screen name...SmokeWeedErrrDay) , that he just had a temporary ban put on him, and I have no doubt that it will soon become permanent.
    For the record, the PVHES stem does help with the restriction, but to say that the Solo has the best flow rate on the market is absurd, even with that stem.   The flow rates from ANY of the products from 7th Floor blows it away, and not by a small margin.    The Solo's air restriction is by design so that the small heater designed to work off of batteries, can do it's job.
    From this point on, I will no longer respond directly to Noob here other than to correct any of the misinformation that he is spreading here.
    For anyone who is concerned with this issue, please pay a visit to the FC forum, go into the Solo thread and ask the hundreds of users there if the Solo has a restricted air flow or not, of for that matter, does it have the best airflow of any portable vape on the market.   You will find that they will virtually ALL say that it does have a restricted air flow.
    Guess everyone there has purchased faulty Solos and they're all spreading lies, eh? 
    What's really weird is, is that when anyone asks what one of the best portables are on the market, I will ALWAYS include the Solo as one of the best, in spite of it's restricted air flow.    It's a great vape and I wouldn't let that restricted air flow hold anyone back from purchasing it, for it can provide HUGE clouds, as long as you take loooooong, slow draws at a temp corresponding to at least #4 on the Solo temp settings.
    There is no way that you can tell from a youtube vid if a vape has restricted air flow or not.
    Air flow has nothing to do with vape clouds.    You can have a restricted air flow but still get huge clouds and you can have a great airflow and get lousy clouds.
    Sigh.................I'm not going to try and make sense out of what Noob here is saying because whatever he's saying makes no sense.     But to those looking for really valid information, I suggest to pay a visit to FC for some very comprehensive info in ANY vape on the market.
  12. I dont know about if you should buy i t.  but im absolutely glad that i did.  nothing better than walking around six flags great adventure toking up.  then riding kingda ka!!
  13. I think he's just trying to get under your skin , coming from a guy who doesn't know whether the pax works with weed.  It's clear he's trying to play semantic of what "best" flow rate is. The common use would be little  to no air restriction while a bad one will have a lot of air restriction . While this person is using in the way that It has just the right amount of air restriction to have big clouds , which is entirely nonsensical , since it would vary form person to person in terms of how hard the individual inhales and their preference of air restriction would vary if that was true.
    I'm sure that's his desire.    Mine is just to make sure that people here get the correct information and not get sabotaged by a troll tying to get under my skin.
  15. IMO the Solo has the worst airflow next to the Pax. With that being said, it gives the greatest clouds in the electronic portable market.
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    ^^  This joker has now been permanently banned at FC.  
    From an FC mod: 
    mod note: VapeLifeWill=SmokeWeedErrrDay. Making a 2nd account after a ban is grounds for removal of both accounts.
    First this guy, VapoNoob signs in at FC as SWED, and gets a temporary ban for acting inappropriately and insulting not only myself, but the mods as well and then he creates another account to do the exact same thing but to another member, and now he's permanently banned. 
    Bringing this to the attention to the mods here as well and the only reason I'm on this guys case is not because of the insults, but simply because he is putting forth inaccurate information to those who asking advice on which vape to purchase before spending their money.
    And in regards to Yoshi, well, he put forth some great advice in helping others to make a wise purchasing decisions, so his insults to him are are also unwarranted.
    Hopefully, the mods will make the same choice here as well, for his postings here do nothing but provide wrong and inaccurate information.
    Ok...........Now I'm done with this guy.   No more from me, nor will I attempt to correct anything that he says, for is actions both here and at FC have become painfully obvious.
    Edit:   Done.  The mods felt that his posts here were totally inappropriate.   They really jumped quick on this as soon as it was brought to their attention.    Good call, GC.    Please feel free to delete my posts as well being that most of them was in response to his.
  17. I love my Pax. Once you get the understand how best to use the device, you will BAKE you brain. Only uses about .5 gam in oven, set my device on highest temp, vape until oven contents is brown.

    It might take several ovenn to perfect procedure.
  18. I use a volcano for home, and until lately an iolite for travel - but I like what I've read about the Pax - seems good, no butane, maybe a bit easier to get vapor from than iolite.  

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