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Should i buy a new bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheyCallMeZach, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. So recently I bought a nice 18-22 inch bong. It works perfectly and I couldn't ask for more. Unfortunately, this bong is also very hard to carry around with me. I can't really leave the house with it unless I have a bookbag with me and gets kind of annoying. Should I buy a smaller 1ftish bong that would be easier to sneak around?
  2. I have a one footer and take it everywhere with me in a small bag
  3. why not buy a bubbler, or a nice pipe if your looking to carry it with you everywhere.
  4. I second the idea of a bubbler ^ but if your prefer bongs get a nice inconspicuous bag if you plan on being portable.
  5. Bubbler for a portable bong. Bongs arent exactly portable. Unless you can get a manpurse. Id be down with that.
  6. Get $40-50 bubbler and you will be good. They rip and are small enough to fit in a pocket.
  7. get a nice bubbler then you can keep it in a fanny pack
  8. didn;t read a damn thing, but to answer the question in your title..

  9. Wow, not helpful at all...
    But just get a pipe or a bubbler if you want to carry something around. I carry my 19in bong around in my backpack with no problems...
  10. I have a 9 inch bong that's very easy to carry around and if you have a nicer bong sitting at home then you don't have to drop crazy money on this one (also keep in mind that it will be more prone to breaking if you are traveling with it).

    Also, my friend got a nice bubbler for not much money and it fucking rips. You should definitely look into getting a bubbler because they are more portable than bongs and have the potential to rip really nicely.

  11. It is helpful, He asked should He get a new bong, My answer was yes.

    I said yes because a new bong is always nice!

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