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Should I Buy A Half O Of Afghan Kush Or 2 Ounces Of Reggie?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokeit137, Jun 15, 2013.

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    Alright so this is my first time buying from a new guy, and he can get me a half ounce of afghan kush for $240, or 2 ounces of reggie for $200. now, I know it's quality over quantity, but that's 4 times the amount of weed for cheaper. which should I do? i have pretty much 0 tolerance. is it even possible to get stoned from reggie? or can you smoke a few bowls and still not get higher than medium-high, if you know what i mean? i live in the midsouth btw, tennessee


    ^ the 2 ounces of reg
  2. If you indeed have close to zero tolerance then I would go for the 2.  That'll last you for months.
  3. Quality my man. It will last you just as long if you just use pipes and dugouts.
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    Dude, those prices suck. Just straight up man. I can almost get a full oz of dank for $240. My half's are 140-170 at the VERY most.The reggie's not a terrible price if it's decent, I get reggie at $60 and ounce but it blows dick. Like basically schwag. I would get the reggie and see if you like it. I would never pay that much for a half oz of dank.
    And I live in Texas so it's not like I'm some Cali snob.
  5. way to much for dank.  thats $60 straight across and thats not a good deal.  
    go get a half ounce of reggie and a 1/4 of dank and spend the next month looking for a better deal.
  6. If you have zero tolerance get the Reggie. If you have zero tolerance then anything is quality
  7. Reggie regardless of tolerance.
  8. Looking at the picture it isnt worth it to get the 2 ounces imo. Quality gets you higher with less! It just doesnt feel the same with lesser quality but thats just me from cali..

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  9. Reggie?  That just looks like a pile of trim to me.   And I agree, those prices are completely ridiculous....$240 for a half is a joke. 
  10. 240 should get you an ounce of decent stuff.
    If that picture is the regs you're talking about, looks more like total shit weed that is like 20 years old and rotten.
    I wouldn't even want to smoke or eat that stuff.
    If you must get the quality.
  11. Say no to $240 so try to bring it down to 190-200. If he doesn't let it go for 190-210 then get a quarter of kush for $100-120 range.
  12. #12 Caveman130, Jun 15, 2013
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    Thats some bad looking regs, but thats a god awful price for a half, and since you have no tolerance, i would deff say the 2oz 
    Edit: Now that I clicked on the picture I wouldnt buy weed from this guy if you cant talk him down to 150 for either the half or the 2oz lol
  13. Half oz fur 240 is Def a rip off. And you won't really go anywhere with that dirt
  14. Listen man don't listen to these blades. Even with a low tolerance bad weed won't give you any where near as good a high as some a+ quality
    But you know what i figured... Just because he says afghan kush doesn't mean it's top quality because that could've been grown wrong, compressed, the whole 9. I would post a pic of the kush. Talk him down the price and if he doesn't coop find a new dealer
  15. Yeah seriously, find a new dealer.
    240 for a fucking half!?  I'm from Jersey/NY area where we have insane prices for bud but that's just insane damn.  But we do get pretty good shit.
    A half should be 150 top.
  16. 200 for a half isn't too bad either.
  17. I'd pay no more than 200 for a half. Even so, I would get the 2 ounces of reggie and make them into edibles! Think of how many dank brownies you could make with that?!
  18. 240 for a half is fucking highway robbery. At the most 200 for a half shit
  19. 240 for a half ounce of even the best of the best bud is fucking rediculous! I'd laugh at someone trying to sell me that, but then again im unaware of Tennessee prices as I'm in Cali. With that being said if you're worried about not gettin high from that shake, try and find some mids. Better than that Reggie and probably alot less than the dank
  20. Well people in Cali, oregon, washington, and colorado can't even speak about paying high prices.  You guys got it good over there..lucky bastards.

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