Should I buy a "cloning machine"? (PICS)

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  1. I have been cloning now for a few years with moderate success. I understand the process, but I guess I just get lazy after a while. Basically, I am tired of going into my growroom 6 times a day to spray clones, when I could be visiting my bitches once a day if that. What I want to know is whether or not it would be worth it to shell out some big bucks for a cloning machine.

    I know little about these devices other than they boast about 100% success rates with minimal attention. These "cloners" sound perfect for my situation, but I am hard up for cash and want to buy one that will work and last. Anyone with ANY experience, please help me out. Which are worth my hard grown cash? Which companies should I steer clear of? What is a decent price for something with 30 sites or less? Any help is greatly appreciated brothers!

    I included some eye candy just for those who feel like the have nothing to add to my post. They are both of T-1000 which is my favorite strain to grow and smoke. (Tell me what u think)

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  2. Cant help you bro never used them but i would also like to hear about these machines, you and i are in the same boat except i clone a tray or two at a time. Nice bud

  3. unless you really want a misting system, you can build your own cloner pretty easy I think. Just get a sterlite tub from walmart, make some holes in the lid big enough to insert the stems of your cluttings, fill with enough water/nutrients to submerge the bottoms of the cuttings and get an aquarium air pump and stone to keep the solution aerated. you could get fancy and buy/fabricate little styrofoam clone holders instead of just making holes if you wanted. you could also probably buy a small fogger/mister from any of a number of drip irrigation part websites if that is what you want. I haven't actually built one of these, but I've been researching it for awhile.
  4. I have an EZ-CLONER 30 (30 sites) that I got for free from a friend and I like it. I used to put my clippings in rapid rooters (peat plugs) but now I use the EZ-CLONER as well. There are ups and downs to each.

    Here is how I use the EZ-CLONER-
    -fill with 7 gallons of water, 9 oz of clonex, 15ml of SM-90 and you are done.
    -simply take a cutting, put it in the foam holder, put it in place.
    -all cuttings fully rooted in 14 days.
    -no misting, no maintenance.
    -100% success rate

    -takes up a lot of space for only 30 clippings.
    -cuttings taken in rapid rooters are rooted 5-8 days sooner.
    -uses electricity for powerful pump used to circulate water.

    Overall- I like the EZ CLONER, I just wouldn't spend more than $50 on one. I think the model I have sells for $200+ new- that is just crazy. The clones from the cloner have very nice root systems in place and grow while rooting (which is kind of cool). Again, they are nice, but not worth the money unless you really suck at cloning the old fashioned way.
  5. Much appreciated dudes, I'm gonna go for it. It's way too expensive but thats all i had to hear. 100% success rate sounds awesome. I fully believe u as well because ur not selling the thing to me. Its a $350 plunge but i'm fuckin doin it. As for building one myself, I am kind of a mook and have tried this many times before with little success.
  6. dude, i get a pretty much 100% success rate with just distilled water and a mister. I just soak the shit out of them all the time. isssswwaatttiiiidooooooooo
  7. Ya dude misting sucks. I want to live. Not worry about my bullshit clones all day.
  8. Dude I would totally suggest making a cloner. It's a simple and easy project, took me a day to get supply's and make it. Since then my friend has been able to see day light!!
    the method i used.
  9. misters are the only thing that might give you trouble. I found mine at the local hydro store.
  10. All that is to complicated. under 20 bucks and you can have a 12 plant cloner. mine roots in 1 to 1.5 weeks. you need 2 clear plastic shoe boxes from the dollar store, 2 12" air stones, an air pump for fish with 2 outlets and a few feet of air line. use one shoe box to cover them, cut some holes in the top of the other one. your set 99% sucess rate. change the water once a week and use a cap full of H2O2 in the water
  11. You should BUILD a cloning machine.  
    Still think they take up too much space?  This one fits perfectly under a 2 foot 4 bulb T5HO fixture.  This has 32 sites, I can easily drill out 3 more on each side for 38 sites and each site can hold 2 clones per collar, so now we're talking up to 76 clones under a 2 foot fixture (depends how small you want to clip them, I like to clip larger ones so they end up like that one in the back left)
    I build these for about $80 in materials per unit, YMMV.  They outperform anything commercially available and unpainted ones only take a couple hours to build.
    Here's a painted one I just completed where space is less of a concern.  The lid was a translucent yellow so it was painted black then white to reflect light back up.  In a brighter more spacious cloner like this, you can leave them in a little longer, take larger cuttings, even veg aeroponically.
    IMG_0804.JPG   IMG_0805.JPG
    Think about it.  A little DIY will save over a hundred dollars.
  12. I would nevr buy a cloner they are way way over priced you can make a nice aero cloner for 50 $

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