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Should I buy a bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazedup, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Hey guys wuddupp. Ok so I already have a hammer bubbler but I really like bongs so I just wanna know what you guys think I should do. Buy a bong or hit the bub till it breaks?
  2. Definitely buy a bong. You won't regret it. If you got some serious chedder and dont mind throwing down a lot, i'd go with a decent name brand. Do some research so the bong fits exactly what your looking.
  3. Yup if you like getting high
  4. That's what I was thinking I got a few I was lookin at online. Do you know of any legit sites to buy from
  5. I"m looking to buy one too, reasons being to get me higher and to conserve weed. question: do all bongs need water?

  6. Haha the site your on right now:hello:
  7. Don`t you have any smoke shops? Why go online when ya can just buy at the store? :)

    Also, yeah, a bong is well worth the investment. That is, if you like to get ripped from time to time. :smoke:
  8. YES. Buy a bong. I had a big ass bubbler for a long time before I bought a bong - and it just wasn't enough. I'm glad I bought it, too. Nothing makes up for those giant rips
    TO me - bongs are the superior way of smoking. Vapes too in their own way
  9. Most bongs do there are some without the bottom perk
  10. Yeah there's a headshop downtown but I'm underage
  11. Look around the grasscity shop they have some good bongs there, happy shopping :smoke:
  12. definitely, in my opinion the bong is the best way to smoke it, pooching the bong in one hit is what you're aiming for ;) so shut your mouth and take a rip :bongin:
  13. do all bongs need water?
  14. Does anybody on here live in Washington stat
  15. no, you can smoke bongs with out it. water just makes it smoother and takes out a lot of the bad chemicals in weed, i dont really want to get into that but the water just makes it better. though its not a necessity. the best is to fill it with water and put a bunch of ice into it as well, that way you dont feel the toke at all.

  16. better yet, can you use water in all bongs?
  17. Go for the bong. fo sho.
  18. yeah but what i was saying is that you dont have to but you should, how about that? i couldnt care either way, i like the harshness of weed :D
  19. o ite. im wit it.
  20. Yes, i didnt read anything except "should i buy a bong?" yes you should.... they are awesome....

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