should i buy 5 seeds for 110 dollars or 2 packs for 55 each

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  1. hey there,
    so i want to add to my seed collection. and growing options. i have mostly indica strains as it is now. was wondering if it would be wise to get some seeds like serious ak47 or some sorta cali connect. or should i go and get two packs, maybe a barneys vanilla kush and a liberty haze or something along those lines. i prefer indicas. just wondering, cause i am gonna get some beans but want my monies worth. throw out some options. will be ordering today.
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    no takers? its gettin late in europe and i gotz the itch to buy....with no reply i m gonna go all out blind
  3. It's really a personal choice just make sure u get some good genetics. If u have space to fun 10 or 20 plants I would get (2) 5/10 packs and find a good pheno but that's just my opinion

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