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Should i but a mflb.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrOneHitWonder, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. #1 MrOneHitWonder, Dec 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 23, 2012
    Is it worth it.

    I have a bong so idk if its worth it.

    Edit: title should say buy... Damn auto correct
  2. try vaping before you buy. i find i prefer a smoke high to a vape high. google how to make a lightbulb vape. you can also do it with any clean, thin, glass container.
  3. well the your question is subjective, i personally feel its worth it. it's not the best out there, and other vapes will get you higher, but if you are looking for sole portability/stealth then look into it.

    What are you looking for in a vaporizer? Portable vs desktop?
  4. I think its worth it. Especially if I'm out and about . . . super stealthy.

    Has a learning curve though.
  5. I wouldnt.. if you're gonna buy a vape. dont go cheap because you get what you pay for.

  6. are you saying that you don't get what you pay for with the mflb? That's ridiculous. Buying the mflb is not "going cheap" by any means.

    Sure other vapes are better, but the mflb is still damn fine if you master the technique and get yourself some good batteries(powerex 2700's or the pa)
  7. I'm jut looking for a cheap vap I can use I would much rather have a volcano but I'm not try to spend that kind of money. What's a good cheap desktop vap and can you post a link. Thanks
  8. Hmm, how do you but a mflb?

  9. what do you mean by cheap? need some price points.
  10. Fucking auto correct haha.
  11. Not over like 200.
  12. If ur planning on vaping... ur going to want to ditch ur bong.. if not don't even waste ur money

    but if you do decided to throw away the bong and papers and blunts... don't waste money on the mflb... go for something like the arizer
  13. That's what I was think another reason i want it tho is because sometimes smoking a bong is to much work To get set up. So yea I guess I would be in it for the convenience of it to.
  14. My take is no. I was very disappointed with my MFLB. To me it's only half a high. You smoke it, you get all the high.
  15. Dont ditch the bong, vaporbonging is where its at.

    Under 200? Definitely go take a look at the 'da buddah' and the 'silver surfer' desktop vapes.

    @thomascolin- the arizer what? solo? extreme q?
  16. Okay. I think I'm going to go with the mflb or da Buddha
  17. [quote name='"MrOneHitWonder"']Is it worth it.

    I have a bong so idk if its worth it.

    Edit: title should say buy... Damn auto correct[/quote]

    As an MFLB user i must tell you, this thing, uses fuck tons of batteries, its great portability and functions as a decent vaporizer, but if you give up portability you can buy a nice desktop vape, but the mflb is great for trips and portability, so if u travel alot its good, plus no smell
  18. What do you think I'd get higher from the bong or that and how much weed would I have to use in each.
  19. Not worth it. Buy a real vape and not the tiny ass one that doesn't ever seem to fully get me high (yes I'm using it right, I'm not a moron).
  20. based on actual science, you'll get the most out of your weed by vaping it and then smoking it. as i said already, some people don't really like the vape high. have you ever vaped?

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