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Discussion in 'General' started by Dreeker, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Im Leaving Monday for only a week.
    I was pondering whether or not to bring about 5 Grams Of DXM With Me...
    Its an active camp and im going to be running, swimming etc all 7 days. If i get busted im fucked, also i will not be able to bring a scale with me.
    Do you think its worth it, and i mean if i take 1 gram every day ill be pretty messed up every day, and i wont be able to run/walk straight etc.
    Or should i just enjoy camp for the week then come home and trip here where i can just lay back watch tv or movie or w/e
  2. As long as you wont be searched or anything, bring it. It wouldn't hurt to have on hand, and you don't have to use it. If a moment arises where it would be good to do, then go for it.

    Unless having it would create too much of a want, and you couldn't control yourself. In that case, leave it at home.
  3. IMO I think your begging to get searched. you would call alot of attention to yourself and at camp you have no rights. usually drugs dont mix well with places like that, because you will need coordination and quick thought... but whatever floats your boat, I dont know you so I really couldnt give you anymore advice.

    Edit: also anything in powder form is a "hard" drug to these people so you would be totally fucked. If you told someone I think their is a good chance they'd narc on you just for the attention and drama.

    Peace, and good luck.
  4. well I wouldn't suggest bringing the powdered form of DXM.
    BUT a good idea is to simply buy a couple packs of some cough supressent pills and they won't take those away--and then just take 6-8 pills when you want to have some
  5. camp rocks! are you a camper? maybe you should leave that stuff to the counselors...... orrr someone whos sick :D
  6. Take some for desperate/bored times. But quite honestly, camp can't be that bad! Use it as a form of recouperation for your physical being, and then get fucked up when you get back.
  7. well the thing is my parents are making me go to camp for me to interact with "people that dont do drugs or drink" because as my parents have found out i have a problem wth those.
    Anyway, after that im takin a road trip far away for whole summer so its tite
    Maybe i should put some into the councellors coffee (like .5 grams) and an hour later watch him stumbling lol!!
  8. Naw, that ain't cool. Don't do that to your councellor. Haha. Although, I'll be a councellor this year; wouldn't mind that shit in my coffee : - D.
  9. If I were you I would just bring up like a gram of it and do it once or twice. It would be cool dexxing up at camp, I would do it for sure, but not every day. Thats just asking to get caught.

    If you are unsure of the weight, weight it out at home and bring it in seperate dimebags or something. So you know how much you're taking.

    Have a good time at camp!
  10. Sensi, we dont get coffee at our camp, its cool like that, and since you didnt go to the orientation you wouldnt know,


  11. ^^^

    No. See, it was humor. And for my 'punch line', I chose to use "coffee" as my noun of address, without regard to what drinks are hosted at our camp. You \/\/|-|0R3 !! Heh heh.

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