Should i boost or convert?

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  1. ok i live in canada and we dont have volvo s70 t5 manuals here. You either find a regular s70 with a MT or a s70 t5 automatic. Should I

    a) Buy a MT s70 and boost it


    b)Buy a s70 t5 and do a 5sp conversion

    Any input is welcome.
  2. It depends. Are there variations between the N/A and turbo motors aside from the turbo itself? Like beefier internals, better flowing head, different cams, etc? What about the ECU? It's probably different and could possible require custom wiring. Also take into account whether or not the turbo model comes with upgraded suspension and/or brakes.

    In the end, a trans swap will probably be easier and more reliable.
  3. transmission conversion is easier. are s70's AWD? if so, make sure that the rear end gears match with your 2 output gears in the transmission.
  4. Buy the T5 and use the automatic. It's plenty strong.
  5. what are the rules on importing one from the US? i heard its easy in canada.. if so it might be worth considering if you dont really know what youre doing swapping a tranny in one or putting a turbo on a n/a car

    edit: otherwise just sick with the auto and make it retarded fast, that way no one can talk shit :D
  6. boost is gonna be a lot cheaper... probably even with additional supplementary mods.
  7. i would buy the MT and boost it. i would believe that this would be the better option simply because you aren't stuck with the factory turbo and accompanying parts. volvo makes good parts, but i would prefer to have an aftermarket set up myself. when you install the turbo, you should be able to add some other things to go with it, that you wouldn't have otherwise. plus i think its the cheaper option. i wonder what a tranny sawp on a volvo costs. my mom has an s80 t5, and i know that everything for it costs a little extra.
  8. actually, just import one, save the bullshit and the hassle. aftermarket costs $$. at least stock boost will be reliable till you are ready for bigger and better things.
  9. It isn't practical to throw a turbo on a N/A. I have one and did a lot of research on what it'd take. You should jus get the t5, tranny swap, ecu upgrade, exhaust, youll be straight
  10. See my other post. Get the T5 with auto. You can learn to drive the auto very fast, it's just technique. My 850 R is auto and quite fierce. I reeled in a brand new S40 T5 with manual trans, let out some line and reeled him in at will. On curves or straights the T5 is monster. The S40 (my co-worker) needs some mods to compete with the 850 R.

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