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Should i blaze tnt or not?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mwillz, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Sooo i havent blazed since last Saturday because ive been preparing for a very large medical exam tomorrow early in the morning. This test will have a lot to do with determing which medical school im going to. Im just finished my studying for the night soo i want to just relax and goto sleep early. The only thing is i want to smoke a little and i think it will help me fall asleep early but im not sure if i should since the test is isearly at 730am and i dont want to feel burnt tmrw. it probably really wont effect me but i want all of your input.
  2. if you only smoke a little you shouldn't get too burnt out, but i think the best decision for such an important exam would be to not smoke and to be as alert for your test as possible
  3. I've never found blazing to have a negative effect on my test taking skills. As long as you've studied and fall asleep at a decent hour you'll be fine. A little relaxation is probably a good thing!
  4. Nahhh you should be fine, but honestly we can't tell you, When you smoke do you usually feel burnt out or what?
  5. If you think getting burnt out is a problem then dont do it. Why risk important shit just to get high???

    Blaze AFTER the test. itl be more rewarding trust me
  6. If you don't blaze alot then I would say not to do it because I smoke everyday and I still sometimes feel a little burnt in the morning...But if you are going to I would say to do it as soon as possible so at least your not completely ripped when you fall asleep
  7. thanks everyone i do blaze alot i just took a 6day break because i honestly didnt have time this week i had too much shit to do for this test. I was just worried that since i havent blazed in a few days i would get ripped and then burnt in the morning which is unpredictable sooooo i might just take the reward as someone said of blazing after. Besides wuts one more day to a t-break anyway?
  8. Pack into a bowl what you can clear in one hit. Hit it, roll over, and try to sleep.

    If you don't get high, do it one more time, maybe even a third.

    Since its been six days you should feel it, go to sleep high, but still wake up just fine. As far as your exam, only you can tell if you are capable of doing well after smoking.
  9. i say, dont fuck around with something as expensive as med school.
  10. yea i realized theres no reason to risk it sooo the reward after will be greatttt.
    HEY SWMR im coming to pennstate next weekend...can u point me anywhere to get some nice bud?
  11. smoke after the test
  12. Smoke a little bowl before bed. I mean, I smoke to study, smoke befpre the test, then smoke after lol. I've always gotten good grades.
  13. Yes, do some weed but, to avoid burn out factors use a good vaporizer or eat some with some pasta or something.

    Just take about half a joints worth and chill to some relaxing music until you fall asleep. Oh, and don't forget most importantly...set your alarm prior to this experience!

    And you know, I hope you make it because we need more doctors out there that realize what a great medicine mj is!

    Good luck on your test!


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