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Should I be worried?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mojo Hand, May 25, 2010.

  1. Hey. I've been a pretty regular toker, but I haven't smoked in 15 days because my parents are making me take a drug test when I get back from college because they say I have to live by their rules if I stay in their house. Anyhoo, I'm a 140 pound dude with little body fat and a pretty fast metabolism. I think they will make me take the test tomorrow so it will have been 16 days. Should I be worried or do I have it made in the shade? Responses from people with similar profiles and experience with home drug tests (50 ng) would be greatly appreciated.
  2. make sure you drink like 2 gallons of water before your test.. Seriously.. ALOT OF WATER. thats all you need :)
  3. Dude, you were in COLLEGE.. Just tell them that you smoked some weed before you came home and that your going to test positive, So don't bother wasting your money on a drug test. and that you won't smoke under there roof.
  4. Well, I would think you are fine. I haven't taken many drug tests (one) which i passed in 6 days. I am pretty sure you are made in the shade.

    But, it shouldn't be a big deal if you don't pass, if their argument is "their house, their rules" why would they test you right when you come back from college?
  5. I know. Thats my mom for you. She told me ahead of time so thats her argument. But I told her this is the last one or I'll just live with my friends.
  6. a buddy of mine swears by working out the week leading up to the test (to help get as much as possible out of your body fat) then pounding greasy food starting the day before the test cuz he claims the excess lipids in your system can help mask the metabolites. i don't know for sure if this works but it couldn't hurt to hit up McDonalds before your test
  7. I have heard something similar. The theory as i understand is that you work off all the fats you have consumed lately, because thc can stay in fat. Then when the test is coming up you eat a bunch to make you shit, because shitting is what gets rid of thc the most. Not sure about this but its what i have heard.

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