Should I be worried?

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    I was 'meeting' with my friend, and we decided to meet up at a store parking lot in the back. As I get there (he is with 3 people), he hops in my econds and look back and he is still watching us. About 10 seconds later we look over again and he recar. About 10 seconds after that a vehicle pulls a couple spots to the right of me (he is parking further from the store). He pretty much stares at me and my friend in the car. We look away for a few sclined his seat back, and was still watching us.

    By this time I decided to get the fuck out, and to go meet at a different spot. I got the license plate of the car, and I got a friend who is a cop, so tomorrow he's gonna look up the plates and hopefully I can see if it is someone in the law enforcement area, or if it is some random bored dude.

    Am I just being paranoid?
  2. I forgot to add... right before this I stopped at my boys house to pick up some bud, so I may have been followed from his house?
  3. wait, your friend in law enforcement knows you smoke?!?!?!?!:eek:

    wish I had someone like that
  4. I think you're being just a bit paranoid. Even if he was held any sot of law position he didn't physically see an exchange of drugs. Probably just some dude waiting for someone or something.. Keep us updated though.
  5. maybe he's just looking for a connect. or else hes waiting for someone. i wouldn't stress.

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