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  1. I found this suspicious looking smoke detector in my house, I think its a camera but am not sure, anyone know? What should I do if it is? I'm currently 22 and live with my brother and mom. I suspect my brother installed this hidden camera to spy on me. Thing is we all smoke and I dont want to get in trouble for that so I am not sure how much legal recourse I have if any. This is an invasion of privacy and a violation of my trust. I am also very creeped out and worried in general. Bad vibes
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  2. Sounds like you're paranoid. It's clearly a detector of some kind.
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  3. I think it looks more like a flying saucer than a camera. I had one following me for a while. Every time I'd move to get away from them I'd soon find another one in my new house.
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  4. Kidde i12040 AC Hardwired Interconnect Smoke Alarm with Hush
    Thats the smoke detector in question, I guess the black box is some type of wiring harness, my question is why place a wiring harness in the cupoboard for one smoke detector but no wiring harness attached to the other smoke detector? Also the issue date for one of the smoke detectors is nov 12 2014 while the others is jan 20th of 2015. Also why install a smoke detector on the side of a cupoboard and not a wall or ceiling?
  5. How should we know? Ask your Brother.
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  6. He’s totally spying on you.
    Put some masking tape over the camera lens.
  7. HQ this is Black Cock Down, he's onto us, move in, repeat, signal is go
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  8. Wait till the house is empty and set it off twice.
    Once with smoke.
    Once with heat.
    If the extra light doesn’t respond appropriately then give yourself a good fuckin slap and carry on about your life :)

    all bases covered :)
  9. The thing you think is a camera is actually the test button.
  10. The camera is camouflaged as a test button.
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  11. If you are really so worried, you could always just get rid of this smoke detector and replace it with a new one. They don't cost much.
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  12. That is not installed to code
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  13. Ok maybe its just a smoke detector thats not installed to code, but I downloaded a hidden camera app and pointed it at the dishwasher and it said there was some type of camera there, I guess the dishwasher hasnt been used the entire time but I'm not supposed to inspect it or anything like that cause they said my app has to be wrong and that I shouldnt accuse the landlord or anyone else. I never actually accused anyone I just told them what I found and said that maybe a previous tenant placed something or whatever. But yeah I'm not allowed to take apart the dishwasher or call anyone to come look at it so I guess I wont know
  14. Also the landlord told them he would come fix the dishwasher when they moved in but he never got around to it and theyve never looked at it themselves
  15. Someone really just posted here to pm them on WhatsApp and I did and they just deleted it so yea theres that. Who are u and why are you watching me? I'm sure this forum keeps a record of deleted posts right ? Can a moderator please confirm what im saying about the deleted post? For the record
  16. If they were selling it may have been spammed out.
    When we spam someone out it deletes all their posts.

  17. Ok can you undelete it though because I was going to download that app and call that number.
  18. Let's be clear.
    It was a scammer.
    We do not allow hook ups here primarily due to those idiots.

  19. To be honest with you I dont think it was a scammer I think it was someone trying to get me to login to an app with the information they provided. Thats what that deleted post was... Not a scammer..
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    So I could I please please get that post undeleted because I'm pretty sure it was actually a stalker

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