Should I be worried?

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  1. On week 4 with buldasoil and I noticed these little yellow spots on the tips of the bottom leaves, I've read before harvest this happens, but is this light burns or is it something major I should be worried about? Thanks for any input

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    Kinda hard to see but it looks fine to me. Yellowing before harvest is a lot different, the energy is being pulled from the leaves so they actually turn yellow, that looks like its maybe a bulb burn from touching the plant or slight nute burn, I doubt that though. It's not anything to worry about
  3. Thanks growtrees! just wanted to make sure

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  4. You need to get her out of the plastic cup and in a real container. You need dark age in your container, roots need water to contain air. For this to happen water needs to pass through and not sit at bottom of container. What kind of soil are you using? That looks pretty small for a month old my man. Also clear containers do not block light, roots and light are a major no no.
  5. With Build A Soil at 4 weeks you should have some little bushes. Do what my man up there before me says... and quickly. Containers need to be opaque. Also, if I was using BAS I would still use a seedling mix for the first 7-10 days in their sprouting cups.
  6. Another great example of growtrees advice btw don't worry about it the Plants a month old with a see through container and its 3in your cfl grow is awesome dude!

    You also need more than one cfl, I am not a believer in cfl but I do know you need like 200w to grow Mary Jane at all.
  7. Watch who you get info from, <span><span>tmntgrower</span></span> doesnt even grow. He just says random things he thinks is right
  8. Not trying to hijack this thread but growtrees has no idea what I am growing or not growing. I have built four grow rooms and I am currently running a two room hid/led grow. Legal maine grower I haven't been growing with household bulbs like the master of advice growtrees, but if I bother to post my advice is based on knowledge. Your always welcome to take another growers view, or just keep winging it and hope for the best.

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