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  1.      I just ordered a bong, 300 papers, and a grinder. It came to about $110. I ordered it on december 20 2013 and received a order invoice and everything. I ordered it with registered mail and believe that means I get a tracking number. I have not yet received a tracking number, and I have emailed grasscity a couple days ago asking for it. Also it is being shipped and wondering if people have had similar issues? Anyone else order to NY, how long does it usually take?
        I would also like to add I attempted to look at the status of my report ticket and I cant log in to grasscity support, it just says I have the wrong password when I have the correct one. When ever I press forgot password and put in my email it never sends one haha.

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    GC doesn't give a tracking number unless you choose the upgraded shipping. Nothing to worry about. Your stuff will arrive within 2 weeks most likely.
  3. I think I did choose upgraded shipping, it adds like $6 right?
    Yeah the upgraded shipping is the more expensive one. If you did get that, you should receive a tracking number when it ships.
  5. Alright sweet thanks, I kinda hope it comes for newyears haha
  6. I think you need a seperate account for the store? :confused_2:
  7. When I ordered it I didnt have a account, I later made a store account. But I must have a grasscity support account because when I try to make one it says that email address is already in use.
  8. Bump, I cant find the bump button if there is one.
  9. Grasscity Shop and Forum are two separate entities. Forum staff can't assist you with your shop related questions.
    You need to contact Shop support at <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href=''> </a>
  10. I was asking the community, just to see if they have had similar experiences
  11. Sorry guys I have another question :ey: When my order ships will I receive a notice with a tracking number that it has shipped? I ordered with International Registered Mail. Thanks  :metal:
  12. As explained before , forum and shop are separate entities. 
    Please check the following description. This thread has run it's course.
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