Should I be worried about this?

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  1. I think I am developing ocd or something..

    It seems that every time that I smoke lately .. I have to do everything perfect.

    One time: I decided to arrange my sink perfectly so that it looked like a commercial. Clean, toothpaste with brand side out,. etc. I also put two lizzard sculptures that were on the wall onto the sink, to make it look like they were crawling.

    And then I took a picture and decided that it would be a good photo for a book cover. And then call it "The man with the perfect sink"

    And then talk about a man who started smoking weed and developed OCD from it... after sometime over trying to make everything perfect.. he concluded that through perfection.. you can predict the future. Through precise reason,logic, and a little bit of intuition... You can predict the future. Marijuana had opened the door for this possible idea, and he concluded that it was indeed true.

    He proves this by leading the perfect life. But here is the real truth.... Imperfection is perfection. Each own's life is perfect. It is your life.. the "good" and "bad", it makes you who you are. So really there is no "good" or "bad" ... there just IS.

    So next time someone asks "How are you?"...

    Say "I am"

    crazy .. or genius...? Only time will tell.
  2. buy that book
  3. but seriously.. I think its from weed making me paranoid, I just get really high and then worry about everything.. I can typically make it go away when I am with other people.. But if I am alone: I instantly go brush my teeth, change clothes/spray cologne, and then start cleaning my room.. Or do my hw/read/play stockmarket..

    It's weird as fuck.. it got worse after I did shrooms alone the other day ( I had heard it was more intense alone, so I had to try it). I was flipping my shit every now and then, and I could not go to bed! I ended up sitting on the bathroom floor and couldn't move. And then I got a really intense urge to smoke weed. So I smoked a bowl, and instantly everything was ok. I took out my contacts, brushed my teeth ( weird ass moment while doing this,, I kept hearing a song in my hea

    meh I just got bored with this story.

    good night:smoke:
  4. haha I wouldnt worry, I do that too, Ill start cleaning shit that dosnt need to be cleaned haha or just re arrange my desk for no reason. Maybe I dont do it as bad as you though, but I think its failrly common when high by yourself at least.
  5. sounds like you have some OCD shit i dunno

    i know a lot of people are like this, some people like to smoke and clean shit. I just dont see the point i would rather get stuff done then relax and blaze or vape and workout
  6. the thing is.. its only when I smoke.. My "high-self" takes care of my "normal-self" and fixes any problems I may be having.. Whether it be sadness, a messy room, apathy for homework, or just flat out confused about something...

    It's like my "high-self" is my parent/overseer...

    That guides me to perfection..,

    and this leads back to the story of the book...

  7. I know what you mean, I have the same kind of high-self normal-self symbiosis going on, and I definitely have the same perfectionist organization urges.

    That book should be a movie, asap. I got so into it while reading your description i needed to watch it in a movie.
  8. or maybe it is his "high-self" once again taking care of him.. by making him delusional and telling him he is perfect... and his life is perfect.. in order to deal with the daily build of the turmoils of life.

    That because it makes believe in himself... It in fact does come true, he become successful, and perfect in the end.

    in "reality" was not crazy... only guided by his "high-self"...

    and then he wakes up on his bathroom floor and realizes that this entire life was all a trip.. HE WAS TRIPPING!

    Or was it a prophesy ... self-fulfilling prophesy...


  9. and the sink is perfectly organized!!!
  10. Look. This is how you develope a dis-order, by worrying about developing a dis-order. Who fucking cares what you do high? Just do what you do and carry on.
  11. I wish my high self perfected my normal self instead of just falling asleep
  12. that's exactly how i am dude. i can almost always see the best possible decisions that will benefit me when im high and i realize all the stupid shit that's wasting my time.
  13. if you get ocd who cares lol before every cone i shake my lighter, lean forward then rip that bastard lol
  14. I do the same thing, maybe not as bad though. I find myself doing random shit like cleaning when I get high. I can never explain it to myself though it is like I'm in a trance. :bongin: has anybody ever noticed he never exhales from that bong rip? wow I am really high.
  15. Every time I light a joint, blunt, and or cigarette I have to blow on the end I'm smoking just once before I lighting it. It started cause I used blow the little bits of tobacco off of my filters when pulling my cigarettes from their pack. That way I didn't get leaf in my mouth. It turned into an all the time OCD habit I suppose
  16. has anyone ever had this happen:

    Sometimes when my "OCD" kicks in (while high).. a buzzing starts in my ears and goes outward throughout my body...

    I think of every possible decision of what I could be doing, and when I think of the correct one.. the buzzing occurs

    "Should I get some food"
    "Should I go to bed"
    "Should I do my hw"

    Its fucking weird...

    And I also go into " infinite mind loops" with the buzzing

    if you don't know what I mean when I say that.. I am not even going to begin to describe it.. You will never understand until you experience it
  17. i want the buds your smoking
  18. i have blazed before and cleaned my entire room. I dont think its strange. I will never do shrooms alone again tho haha

    edit. Actually i dont know if i ever want to do them again after my 1st and only trip. I dont know if i could handle it with a group of people cuz i freaked shit in my room trying to understand what they were saying in fresh prince of bel air and trying to figure out what time it was
  19. Sounds like you turn into Adrian monk from monk lmfao but seriously I wish I could be like that I'm a mess.

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