Should I be using fertilizer made specifically for RO water?

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  1. If you're using tap water with RO specific nutrients you're going to have issues for sure.

    What's your grow media?
  2. I’m using RO water, not tap. I’m also using FFOF soil.
  3. Ah, ok, I wouldn't personally use any type of synthetic water soluble fertilizer in soil. It's really hard to gauge what's going on in your media at any given time with the potential salt build up between waterings.

    What I would imagine is that if when you let your pots dry out too much with your current conditions you get some of what looks like lockouts and deficiencies and the same happens when you freshly water right?

    This creates a negative feedback loop that makes you just end up scratching your head when it's all said and done. If you're going to use fox farm I would go with a more "feed the soil" approach, and if not Coconut Coir is the way to go, that being said, using npk dry mixes in pots is always a very meticulous and calculated approach that is highly dependent on your environmental inputs.

    I hope that wasn't too much but there's always more than what lies beneath the surface.
  4. How would I do feed the soil?
  5. I do have issues with leaf discoloration. Mostly yellowing of the leaves. I’ve harvested the one plant I had that looked horrid. The bud was small, but very potent oddly enough.
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  6. Super Awesome Epic Bioactive COMPOST TEA!

    I would personally start with hitting up buildasoil and getting some "oly mountain fish compost" it's like 25 bucks for a cubic foot bag.

    Get you some un-sulphered molasses, or even use some honey from around the house.

    Get a small oxygen bubbler and airstone with enough tubing to reach the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket.

    I would then get a nylon sack or pantyhose and put a cup of the compost in it(Think the size or a softball or baseball in a sock). put 4 gallons of RO water in a 5 gallon bucket and let the airstone aerate the water.

    At this point you have your compost in a pantyhose or nylon sack hanging in the bucket as if its a teabag, because that's what it is =). You also have your water bubbling like ye olde' witches brew.

    Grab a mason jar, fill it half way with RO water and add 1/2 tablespoon of molasses(or honey), others might say more but you're aiming for a balanced brew(there's still a lot to learn but small pieces). Shake it up real good, obviously make sure the lid is sealed tight lol.

    Add this to your brew and let it sit and bubble in a room less than 75 degrees for 24 hours.

    Dilute with RO water up to 20 gallons and apply to your soil.

    This is step one, but we will get you off those bottles in the soil at the very least. I'll stick around and help out when and where I can.
  7. Jeez lots of steps. I’ll try to get these things this weekend and get it all going. I have some blood meal and lime(?). Would that work?
  8. I have these products already. Would any work?
    Down to Earth Blood Meal Fertilizer Mix 12-0-0, 5 lb
    Down to Earth Organic Garden Lime Calcium Carbonate, 5lb
    Down to Earth Organic All Purpose Fertilizer Mix 4-6-2, 5 lb
  9. The truth is we need pics. How old are your plants?.. i use molasses.. and fertilizers... i do get the cycle that he described.. get a few yellow bottom leaves day before watering.. then a couple more day after.. then theyre good for a week lol.. but molasses just feeds the organisms in the soil mostly.. and provides a smalll amt of potassium.. and cal mag.. and the organisms .. they break up nutrients .. they arent nutrients..
    So once your soils bat guano and w.e. else is in it is drained.. you gotta add something.. earthworm castings.. something..
    If you do a wet and dry cycle watering.. maybe try lowering the amount of water you give .. and watering more often.. soo theres less time between feedings ? It may help.. because what it seems like is you are feeding.. and then the plants are running out of food before water.
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  10. Bacteria eat molasses and fungi have no desire for it, yes she needs to add to the pot, but not really in huge amounts and honestly, did you not read that she has dry nutrients mixed in?

    Yes molasses feeds bacteria but the plant can create specific sugars and tell the bacteria exactly what it needs npk-wise as well as the fungi.

    Were talking about a whole culture of growing here not just a little stoner science.

    This is how people get turned away from living organics because they have not much of a clue of the actual soil biology or chemistry.

    If fungi arent balanced in soil with bacteria you will end up with awesome veg plants and a hella weak flower period.
  11. The microbials also feed plenty of trace elements such as Ca and Mg when the lignin material(woody material) can be broken down completely in soil and made into humus.

    The problem is we have to start using the right things for the right situations.
  12. What amount of nutes are you first starting with since Ocean Forest is a hot medium? Also, are you allowing the pots to dry well before watering again? Are you watering to some runoff? Can't speak to your nute line as I have never used. I use filtered water and have used distilled water in the past with no problem, so ro shouldn't be problematic.
  13. I water till 10% runoff. I wait about a month or so before giving nutes, and I also water about every 3 days. So yeah, the soil gets pretty dry on the top few inches.

    I also follow the recommendations on the bottle for nutes. I think it's about a teaspoon every gallon of water or so.
  14. Yes pictures please

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