Should I be mad at my friend?

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  1. My dealer had an offer for an ounce that he told me about. I offered a deal to my friend to go in half on an ounce, but he didn't have enough money so I found someone else for the deal. My dealer has sold to my friend before, so I told my friend to hit him up if he wanted more sometime soon.

    The problem is, my friend then goes on to tell 5 different people about it, people that I know personally but would never let in on a deal. My dealer talked to me yesterday and seemed salty that 2 different people had texted him. He's not mad about it anymore since he understands that it wasn't my fault, but I'm still pretty pissed that my friend thought this was okay.

    Should I just be straight with my friend and tell him that he fucked up?
  2. talk to him but don't hold a grudge. there is no point what is done is done.
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  3. I agree with Butler, however to expand on the idea, maybe your friend was jealous because he wasn't gonna be smoking and decided to try and be mr. cool guy hooking somebody up for a bud or two. This was probably the case and when you talk to him about it, make sure you do it face to face to see if he has a negative reaction. Jealous people should be kept at a distance.
  4. I think so. He just doesn't understand a lot of stuff about social etiquette in general so sending a passive agressive text would probably confuse him. I'll talk to him about it in person
  5. i would just tell him straight to his face not through text or call, that what he did wasn't cool. Cannabis might not be unmentionables but its still illegal on a federal level and should be taken seriously. he was putting extra risk on your dealer and you, If your dealer wanted to be more than salty about it he could have done something serious in retaliation or cut you off. Also he put your privacy out there, Maybe he was just tryin to help you out with that deal since he couldn't. No reason to cut a good friendship short cuz something silly like this, seems like you knew the answer too your question before posting here.

    Best of luck op

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  6. I wouldn't be talking with him anymore. There's a proper protocol that should be followed when it comes to illicit activities, and he just fucked them all. It's not your fault that he didn't have the money, and the dude didn't offer him the onion.

    Dick move.
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  8. Don't text, texting is for people to hide behind that can't handle being face to face. Its not a big deal if you're friends, let your buddy know how you feel and deal with it like that don't hide behind text msgs
  9. yea your friend is a fucking idiot. running his mouth to people the dealer doesnt know. people get beat up over that kind of shit.

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