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should i be in the clear..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazineveryday, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. If I take 1 hit at a time with a fan in my room? Ive done it before by lighting a j hitting it and putting it out and exhaling (no fan) but a fan should make it better right?

    weed smoke doesnt linger correct? I mean ive had people 10 meters from my door but they dont notice and neither can I after like 10 minutes its just people on gc seem to take all these precautions like towel under the door, window open, a sploof and shit rofl I mean come on it seems to go away really quick

    what do you think
  2. a fan works, smoke usually doesnt linger much. if your looking for stealth try searching the forums for sploof filter. if your just looking for a way to air out your room i would get a fan you can put up to the window to push the air out
  3. well it depends on the room your smoking it. for example some windows may be facing the directing the wind is normally coming from making it almost certain that the wind will be blowing into the room even if you have a fan. some rooms have weird air flow and then heating and air conditioning come into play.
    in my room when i lived at home the air flow was perfect. except for some rare occurrences, i could just blow the smoke near the window and it would all go out.
  4. it helps to hold it in as long as you can because at a certain point there will be little to no smoke or smell
  5. But the smoke turns into resin on your lungs and it's not very healthy. Not saying to not do it, but I wouldn't do it too much..
  6. It really helps if you use a bong and a spoof. With a bong, you really don't worry about it trailing, or having to put it out. A lot less sketchy in my opinion.
  7. go outside or use the window and use a bowl, use an apple pipe if needed.
  8. light incense and exhale in a corner of your room, turn on the fan and let the incense flow around your room masking the smell, works for me.
  9. Sometimes i put a fan facing out my window, so smoke is slowely being sucked outside. Very quite and its effortless, can be good depending on how well your fan actually works and how fats it can clear your room. But a blanket under the door does actually make a big defference, and again, is virtually effortless :)
  10. blow the smoke out near the top of the window (sounds crazy i know) but near the bottom, all that cold air is rushing into your warm room, and as warm air rises, that means that the warm air will be leaving your room near the top of the window, creating a sort of vacuum. Trust me, it does work, and all that smoke will leave your room, and wont smell all to much. Might i suggest not smoking a joint, try finding a different method (as joints make ALOT of uncontrolled smoke)
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    Check the airflow of your room. Things like the heat and air condition play a major role in how the air flows through your room. With a window open, while the heat is on, the warm air will pour out of your window because it's being forced outside. That's why whenever I smoke, I usually go downstairs and turn the heat up a few degrees in order to get it to kick on. Then, I check the flow in my room by holding a lighter up to the cracks in my door to see which way the air going. If the flames flickers and blows toward you(while you're inside your room), then you're good to go. Works the same way in the summer when the A/C is running. I had to use all these things to my advantage before I bought a window fan. Window fans basically do all this precautionary stuff for you. Make sure you get the kind that you can set each fan to blow in a certain direction, as you're going to want both fans expelling air from your room, not blowing it back in.
  12. light incense near the door, use a glass peice (preferably a bong), and one hit the shit out of your bud (only hold in for up to 5-6 seconds)

  13. yeah a bong is way more better way to smoke in the room with no1 knowing,a joint is just asking for it :bongin:
  14. i smoke in my room constantly i just stick a towel under the door open my windows, and put my fan on low facing away from the far so any smoke over there wont get close to the door and its happy tokin from there

    a J is kind of pushin it because they stink up your room alot try a spoon or something if you dont have any glass try a homemade conserves some bud and less smell

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