Should i be honest with my mom abouy me smoking?

Discussion in 'General' started by steezyy, May 5, 2011.

  1. I started smoking about 6 months ago and have been caught twice since then. I get drug tested now like once a month and I started smoking after my last one about 1 month ago. So I'm due for another.

    I want to straight up tell her I still smoke and want to continue. My mom and I have a good relationship but she is completely Misinformed about bud and has never tried it. I have all the facts good and bad about marijuana and ready to convince her it is safe. I think her biggest problem with bid is that it's illegal.

    If I told her would it back fire and I be screwed?
    Have you guys been in a situation like this and how did it work out?

    I just really want to be honest with her and have her accept that I smoke. Plus I'm not a bad kid, I have like a 3.0 in school which she is happy with.

  2. Yes, and you're a fool to hide it longer.
  3. We don't know you or your mom so we can't honestly tell you whether or not your plan will backfire. But if you're living at home and getting drug tested by your parents....then it's definitely time for you to either quit the drug until you have your own place and you're making your own money- OR talk to her about it.

    To be honest I'd suggest just talking to her. What's the worst that can happen? Since you're already technically not allowed to smoke it's not like she can take that away from you for trying to convince her otherwise.

    I would just gather all of the facts and proffesional opinions that you think would help sway your mom and go from there.
  4. i'm basically just waiting for my parents to catch me again. I went from smoking, being useless, and failing out of college; to smoking, studying, having a 3.8 in community college, getting the school i failed out of to take me back, and already having 2 jobs lined up for the summer and working on a 3rd. They can't say shit. I'm doing what i have too to succeed, i have direction (i'm going to be a junior so i'm already looking into law schools). Weed has been a constant in my life when i was at my worst and while i'm at my best, so it's definately not the cause of the problem's i've had; I WAS.
  5. Since you didn't even respond to the OP I'm guessing you were just waiting for an opportunity to tell this story? :rolleyes: lol but congrats on getting your shit together bro, regardless of the random hijack
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    lol. Thanks for your response earlier. I plan on talking to her tonight or tomorrow.
  7. If I had the chance to sway my mom I would totally go for it! Instead I will probably have to hide my smoking FORever. Sukcs when you have a sibling ruin something so special and unique! :)
  8. you will never sway your mom to think smoking weed is ok if shes alrady so against it. i dont relly smoke anymore and dont even live with my mom. but whenever i bring the benefits of smoking weed with her and how it can be helpful and what not she gets pissed off at me and just act redic. you know what my mom is just redic. that is all

  9. Good luck. Dont come at her in an attacking (or defensive) tone. Stay calm and talk to her like she's the adult. Keep us posted on what happens!

  10. Lol as I was reading this I was going to respond saying "not everyone's mom is the same and his might be different" but you ended yours in basically the same way lol
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    Alright. I'll let you know.
  12. I'm going through the same exact thing and I found that being honest is what best. When I told my mom that I smoked she was very up set and actually cried. But I sat with her and explained WHY I do it and and how it makes me FEEL. She went through the same thing as a teen. A lot of parents are scared of weed leading to other things like meth, speed, etc. It all depends on your self control. Reassure your mom that you know what your doing. And also you should look into getting your medical card, people seem to have more respect about your habit if you took the time to go through everything legally.

  13. Remember that's not an option for everybody as most of us live in states where it is still illegal.
  14. What happened
  15. Click that first link in my sig. Sit Mom down in front of the screen. Tell her to read just the titles.


    (If you don't want Mom possibly snooping into what you have posted at GC, there is another copy of my list at it's a medically oriented cannabis site run by a woman and safe for your Mother's eyes!)
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    I wasn't able to talk to her about it yesterday. Her boyfriend was over. When she gets home from work I plan on talking with her. I'll let you know how it goes later.
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    Didn't go as I hoped ): she will never be alright with it. I guess I need to quit until I move out.

  18. Damn man, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately this is usually the case :rolleyes: but if anything you did show her a mature side by sitting her down and talking to her about it instead of letting her catch you toking up again in her home. I respect your decision to quit but I'd say it would be enough to just not bring the drug into her home or be around her high (sometimes seen as disrespectful). As long as you can do that I say toke on until you're outta there.

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