should i be dodging this?

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  1. what up GC

    long story short, i moved into a new apartment back in the beginning of september. i live on the second floor... this pretty fine girl lives on the first floor. fast forward to now, and i've been fucking this girl at least once or twice a week for at least a month. it's straight up on demand, if we're both in the house at the same time, it's definitely happening. i didn't think i was the only guy she's been fucking, and she's certainly not the only girl i've been fucking. she's also one of the best lays i've had in a long time.. freaky deaky.

    but at the same time, i'm starting to notice her hitting me up on the regular... liking/posting on my facebook... "accidentally leaving" her clothes in my room and coming the next day to collect... she even came out the other night (after i dodged her text) while i was having a smoke to ask for a lighter and then acted like she didn't know it was obviously me. we just had a new roommate move in (and i'm tryin to hit it) and i'm starting to feel like the girl downstairs might be getting a little territorial.

    and i need to establish that my intentions are 100% clear with every girl i ever hook up with - no relationships, no exclusivity, and please don't be the type to blow my phone up the next day. so now i'm stuck with a dilemma.

    on one hand, what guy WOULDN'T love a bombshell living right downstairs constantly ready to fuck? i mean, she's actively looking for girls for a threesome with me. on the other hand, i told myself well over a year ago that i would stay far away from relationships, needy women, and clingers.

    thoughts? will this end badly if i continue to hit it and quit it? or should i listen to my guy senses and run away screaming?
  2. i think she assumes a relationship is due.
  3. hope not, i make it clear i don't want one. besides, she's a cool chick but she doesn't really pique my interest.

    i am certainly fearing that she might be looking for something. but it's not like we ever really meet for anything besides hooking up
  4. Keep that mentality, just continue thuggin'

    Just keep crammin' until it falls apart and when it does, just brush it off.

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