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  1. Plants are looking droopy and some of the top leaves are curling over.

    Growing in organic soil (tomato soil), 2 4' T12 plant/aquarium floros, 2 100w cfls, 6500lumen. Been watering when finger in the soil to the 2nd knuckle and it feels dry at the tip. Temp is between 70-80degrees, if it gets close to 80 fan is turned on

    Have been using water out of the fridge filter (new filter), and tested ph and it is high. Will be using ph down from now on.

    Just getting ready to go 12/12.

    Grow is Blueberry Skunk(left) and White Widow (right)

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  2. Looks like over-watering to me. Other than that, nice and green looking !!
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    In potting containers like that you really shouldn't be judging watering by your finger, that really don't work 100% with that much soil in a container. The top could be dry but the bottom of that container could be very saturated. You should be doing the weight test if anything, it's easier to judge that way in bigger pots. Or get a moister meter.

    Also that don't look like a 100w CFL, that looks more like a 24w equivalent. What's the real watts you are running? You may need more lighting especially in flower. What's the spec's you are going to flower with?
  4. for sure and you have the right way microgrower420

    keep it growing
  5. Def over-watering. Healthy looking, should be fine.
  6. I would say don't water them for about 4 days, a guy said on here which makes sense, that these plants survive drowts in the wild, so it will be fine I've gone from watering once every other day, too once every 3/4 days that's if it's needed, sometimes longer.
    Here's some current pics, week 3 from germination. 

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  7. plus i noticed that you use water filtered from the fridge, Maybe the water is too cold and has maybe shocked the plant, i always use room temp water.
  8. I've never liked the method of putting your finger in the soil to check how moist it is...I just never found it to be that accurate. Know the weight of your pots just after watering, when the pot gets light (the difference should be night and day) it's time for water. But honestly, I get used to how often my plants need water and I rarely even have to check their weight.
  9. Thanks fellas.
  10. Need some more advice.
    I am in my 4th day of 12/12. The fan leaves in the earlier posted pic are curled all most completely. Will they bounce back as the soil dries out? Or should I not worry about it? Temp is between 70-78 consistent.
    Just hoping I did not FU to bad....

    Also, about when should I expect to see bud development?
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    you didn't FU too bad man. don't trip. four days into flowering is no big thing.
    what all the dudes up there said was checking the weight of your pot before and after watering is called "lifting pots" it is actually very arguably the most accurate method (for literally ages) to dtermine if your plant needs watering.
    when it does need more water tho, be sure to hit up the "micro" in gro-micro-bloom.

    to help with the other question. you still have a lot of growing to do with her before she will show actual buds, or even pistil clusters that then form the buds... in soil... weeks my friend, weeks.

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