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Should i be concerned?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kanye, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. just wondering, i mean i havent felt anything yet. but im reletivaly new to weed and so im just curious about this question, it porbbaly sounds dumb but here i go.

    how long would it take, or usuall take to see the side effects of marijuana? are there any? i know people can go skitzophrenic so how does that happen?

    like i said, probably souns dumb, but im just throwing it out there becuz i am just slightly concerned thats all
  2. i have smoked for 7 years and no problems. The schizophernia thing I dont really know how likely that is to be true. I know alot of people who had never had that happen to them after smoking alot. I am kinda forgetful, even while sober, dont know if thats from weed though
  3. yes you should be concerned

    fake ecstasy is taking australia by hold... be careful with pills you pop
  4. Theres flakey evidence linked to people that have a chance to go schizo, that smoke weed, have an increased chance to get full blown schizophrenia.
  5. 1. lung problems and memory loss is your only true possible side effects that i know of, and they are long term. you wouldnt see those until after many, many years of smoking. the schizophrenia thing, from what i know of, is BS to an extent. dont quote me on this, but supposedly does not cause schizo; rather, it increases the chance of its onset if you are already at risk.
  6. i dont take pills or nothing i just smoke. soo im just asking like fi theres any noticable side effects people have
  7. forgetfulness is really the only thing im guilty of, although i always seem to have had that, even before i smoked
  8. kushman thanks for that. i just wanna enjoy my weed wihtout worrying about side effects n shit.

    all besides of course lung cancer which is an obvious one
  9. The only real bad one is paranoia like a trustworthy friend would be in your room with you weed somewhere, and you would just automatically think hes going to cop some of it. Which in any other case you wouldn't think of that. Basically just thinking some people are out to get you.
  10. Actually there was a study that says that smoking cannabis does not directly lead to lung cancer
    Although smoking any thing is bad for you, you wont necessarily get a lung disease, just maybe some build up after a while of smoking
  11. My shert torm memory has gotten kind of out of synch from smoking alot. Sometimes i'll lose my keys or wallet, only to find it some obvious place later on, stuff like that. As far as bringing out any mental illness, it would only happen if you were going to/already developing the illness anyways.
  12. while im here, here comes another dumbass question btu didnt wanna watse another thread, whats a bowl?
  13. #13 havatt, Feb 23, 2009
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    a bowl is simply the actual part where you put weed into on a bong, pipe, or other piece

    Short term memory loss is the only noticeable side effect for me. But when I am talking to my parents they actually seem to have even worse memory loss and they dont even smoke.
  14. #14 Mandeponium, Feb 23, 2009
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    For a while I struggled with depersonalization. But I think that was because I felt somewhat guilty for enjoying weed. I took a couple weeks off to clear my head and realized that there were far worse things I could be doing than smoking pot. Now I smoke guilt-free and always remember to remember who I am.

    Also a bowl could be a bowl's worth of herb, about half a gram.
    Let's smoke a bowl.
  15. thanks for all the feedback, and now i can honestly say, i am craving a bowl :)
  16. how long on a daily basis i have to smoke to have a chance to develop sch(dont know how to write lol)
  17. #17 dkong911, Feb 23, 2009
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    The idea is that if you already were naturally at risk for developing schizophrenia, there is a limited body of evidence that suggests that such an individual would be more likely to develop full-blown schizophrenia if they smoked weed, where the chances go up with the quantity smoked and the length of time smoking weed.

    I had a good friend fuck up his college career when he developed schizophrenia after he quit Valium (smoked weed before and after this event). I've always wondered if smoking weed since age 16 might have helped the schizophrenia along; no way to tell. Other than this one instance (and he was a pretty crazy motherfucker to begin with), no blazers I've known have lost their marbles.

    The problem with determining how marijuana affects the development of schizophrenia is that I believe schizophrenia only starts manifesting symptoms at age 18-19, so any weed smoking before that could confound the results. (if this isn't accurate, plox correct...too drunken high to search wikipedia)

    Basically, I wouldn't worry about it one bit dude. Besides, even if it is dangerous (which I really don't think it is), god doesn't exist, so you'll just be checking into nonexistence a few years earlier than the rest of us. Just relax and blaze. P.S.: get a vaporizer if you're really worried about the health effects, i love my Volcano
  18. I know two people personally who both were diagnosed with schizophrenia at 16 and 13 respectively. Not bashing or anything, but I'm just sayin I think it can manifest earlier depending on the person. The brain can vary greatly between people, so who's to say someone can't be born wired for it to onset earlier than others? I haven't really read anything on it, so I could be trippin. But in the end, I don't think marijuana has a DIRECT connection to schizophrenia or anything.

    Point of all that: As long as you can control your shit when you're sober in general, you should be able to toke away without losing your marbles.

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