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    So I’ve been buying these carts recently (not from dispensary but I’m in a legal state, too pricey) which I feel has good oil but have been concerned about the pesticide problem. The oil looks good and is thick (will not move even after hitting multiple times), getting me high within 2-3 hits. Nonetheless, I just need a second opinion on whether I should be concerned about pesticides/quality or not (never got a headache, good “afterglow”).
  2. No way to tell unless ya have it tested or ya know the dude fillin em. Concerned? Buy from dispensary or grow ur own weed, otherwise keep enjoying.
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  3. So let me see if I understand this. Your in a legal state and can buy tested safe products but your to cheap and instead your buying black market unknown quality goods and now you have questions about it's safety and purity ?? LMmfAO......
    Damn you people crack me up.
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  4. Well the difference between buying 160 dollars in carts every 2 weeks compared to 60 especially with my pay PFFFT ofc I’m not gonna go dispensary
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  5. Shit you never know what is in there. I’m legal and I buy shit for my niece and nephew because of the uncertainty.
    Good luck
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    CD8D5FF7-F945-47A6-B03A-E013F4B3CEC3.jpeg This is medical and it fills my cartridge 3 x and I get high as a kite. You can use a dab rig or nectar collector or eat it.
    Can you do that for $57.50 a gram?
  7. <-- been growing my own since 1975 :)

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  8. Name brands from actual licensed dispensaries is the best advise I could give you. You have to be careful from shit like that. I get mine from my buddy he gets his from the actual company itself.

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  9. Black market sales always comes with risk especially when it comes to oils and concentrates. I personally take safety over saving a few bucks.
  10. Right? Like I get if weed is expensive and you can't legally grow your own maybe buying bud from the black market still, at least occasionally to save money but fake carts are such a massive problem there's absolutely no reason to buy them off the black market period let alone when you can get guaranteed real ones at a dispensary. Talk about being ungrateful to the legal market.
  11. And the difference may be consuming who knows what with who knows what for health effects. You get one body. You can always get more money.
  12. Yeah f— black market carts. Sh— I hardly even trust dispensary ones. So much trash that doesn’t even pass regulations is still somehow being sold to medical patients as “medicine” — I’m good too. Unless you know for a fact your stuff is clean, I say stick to weed or stuff that’s actually been tested....
  13. Ye I decided to just trash them and picked up some gorilla glue :smoke: Only been toking on these carts for around 7 months, hopefully my lungs aren’t too angry at me :/

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