Should I be concerned with difference in growth?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by VapingAmy, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Okay. Outdoors has become complicated for me, but all of you guys have been awesome in helping, so here I go again with probably a stupid question/concern.

    I have several plants, different strains. Some look like the left, and some look like the right. Maybe it's strain difference, maybe it was weather, maybe all of this is just normal and I am just looking too much into it!

    They were ALL planted by SEED indoors mid April. Moved outside mid March. They were enjoying warm sunny weather until mid May, when there was a big drop in temps with some stormy cloud cover for 2 weeks. Afterwards it's been sunny and very hot (up to & over 100 degrees). The 2 weeks of May coldfront & clouds gave a flowering scare, but they seem to be continuing their vegetative growth.

    I'm just trying to understand what I'm seeing here since there seems to be such a big difference in their growth. The ones on the right are just SO dense compared to the ones on the left.

    Thanks in advance to all who give their 2 cents. 20190620_013659-COLLAGE.jpg

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  2. Adding pictures... 20190620_020659.jpg 20190620_020728.jpg

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  3. Looks to me that most likely it's just a difference in strains.
    1 is stacking more than the other one. As you said you're growing several different strains. That's bound to happen to see differences in the strains.
    But if they were the same strain then there might be something to be said about that...maybe... and especially if they were regular seeds.
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  4. It happens with the same strain also. No plant will respond the same no matter what same soil same feeding schedule same amount of light all plant act different to some degree.
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  5. Thanks for the reassurances! They ARE the same strains. 2 are Cherry Bombs & 2 are Ice Fems- ALL female seeds. Kind of why I started wondering.... what's going on here. How can 2 plants of the same strain look so different! And it didn't happen with just one strain- but 2. I was just curious for what others thought was going on. Maybe next year there can be preventatives for more consistency, but mother nature is mother nature.

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  6. Hey Amy
    Your plants look okay I don't see any problem with them.
    They're obviously photo plants.

    I'm running 13 different strains in my big Garden and I have 6 Auto running in a small garden. The auto they all look different even though they are the same strain from the same breeder.
    You can really tell the difference
    2 Lemon juice expresse autos from Humboldt seed organization.
    You can really see the difference in the exact 2 same seeds that came from the same package from same breeder.

    But with photos it's not as likely to happen. when they are the exact same strain from the same package. Generally they all grow similar and it's hard to tell them apart from one plant to the next.

    If there are differences between the plants then the breeder did not have a stable genetic line yet.

    Just like these 2 plants that I'm going to show you in these pic's from the same package although these are Auto there's a huge difference in these 2 plants.

    Pic 1 Is 2 Lemon juice express sister auto from Humboldt seed organization. In the same pot side by side. You can see the difference in them clearly.

    Pic's 2 and 3 Are 2 sister Blueberry cookie photos from Dinafem. The only difference is ones in the ground and ones in a 15 gallon pot. Both have the same custom soil mix.

    Pic's 4 and 5 are my gardens this year. It's been raining so much this year[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  7. No - mine never come out exactly the same
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  8. First off- WOW! Beautiful pics of your garden. Somethung you should be very proud of.
    Second- THANK YOU. I didn't even consider the unstabalization of genetics. 2 seeds from "Cherry Bomb" & 2 seeds from "Female Seeds". Both in sealed packs. Something to definitely note for feature (& a good reason to keep a grow diary w/pictures).

    Ironically- I just finished growing 2 auto white widows and they actually looked like twins throughout! From all I have read- autos seems to be a coin toss with genetics. Although mine looked identical- I had to learn the BIG mistake of treating them like photos. The buds were dense, but yield was laughable!

    Question- is there a place to find reviews on specific breed/strain genetics? Where you can look up the breeder/strain and find out if anyone is having issues with strain stabilization/consistency?

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  9. When growing from seed strains will express different phenotypes from plant to plant.

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  10. Thank you very much
    I appreciate it

    I worked hard for it that's for sure this year's. It's been a real mother all the rain Dark Skies's just been awful this year I'm just coming out of 3 days of straight rain. We have sun they say for tomorrow and then it's right back to rain and maybe more rain. It's been a difficult year growing this year.

    So That's a very good question that you ask..
    I am not really sure if there is or if there isn't? I've never heard of anybody saying that because of these Auto strains are so inconsistent. I don't know?

    I'll tell you I'm surprised you had 2 of them come out the same though. I'll tell you that I grew a lot of white widow autos a couple of years ago. I had like 20 of them and I bet there wasn't two or three of them that looked alike LOL... Seriously though they all came out different they were all seedsman and they were all from the same package. But again that's just because of the unstable ability of the genetics.

    I just recently found a seed provider though that I'm believing might be a very good answer to both of our questions.
    Growers choice seeds has a very nice selection of autos that I've been just checking out here in the last couple of days.
    I'm going to send you a pic of this fellow @toslow who grew a couple of their strains just recently and I'll tell you what they are beautiful beautiful looking plants and he did nothing special with them. He grew them in Fox Farms ocean forest soil in 5 gallon fiber pot with Fox Farm Trio nutrients and they look spectacular.
    One plant is a gorilla glue Auto and the other plant is a tangerine dream Auto.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  11. Oh wow. Those are beautiful. Reminds me of perfect bonsai trees! I always try to have Gorilla Glue on hand, but have never grown it myself- one of my favorites. You've just given me a great lead to the first seeds I'm getting next on my shopping list! I think I'll do these indoors during the fall. (At least I won't have to worry about the damn caterpillars! We always have one pest that shines above the rest every year- this year it is moths. Some that are as big as the palm of my hand!)

    The 2 Auto White Widows were something I threw in last minute just to try. I bought a bunch of female seeds from Sensible Seeds. My package came very late, so they sent me another package with a bunch of free autos to try as an appology. If you haven't shopped there- they are very nice and stand behind orders getting to you.

    Anyway- I keep saying Auto White Widow, but they are more than that. I went back to look at the label and they are a cross of White Widow x Big Bud from the company Female Seeds. I wished I would have taken pictures of them. They were identical down to the branching. I didn't do any training or pruning. They literally looked like twins- expecially when they were flowering. Unfortunately, I stressed them through transplanting, underwatering, and not catching the caterpillar infestation in time. Lesson learned! Here's a pic of the label if you're curious-


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    Feminine seeds has some very good strains I ran them a few times and the white widow extra big bud I think it's XXX is an excellent White Widow photo plant. I've grown it many times I had many people enjoy that plant and it grows very big buds they're about the size of oh I guess very large pine cones is exactly what it looks like the white widows not exactly mold friendly though she tends to get the mold pretty easy tho p.m. so you have to watch that but I didn't have experience any problem with Bud rot though just the p.m. on the outside on the leaves
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  13. And that's exactly what happened to my two twins. I didn't spray any BT- or anything for that matter, until it was too late. First outside grow- so I was not prepared for the caterpillars. In hindsight the presence of tons of moths this year should have sent me to showering BT in preflower- I just didn't know due to lack of experience. Then ofcourse the dead bud spots started coming. I couldn't keep up with the number of caterpillars or the rot that spread from them. All happening in the last 2 weeks. In the end I salvaged very little. Had to do an H202 wash. Even after that I was still finding a lot that I had to toss. More than likely I'll be turning what I have into butter. Probably not a good smoke.

    My recommendation to anyone is to start BT no matter what- at preflower. If that's not your thing- buy row covers or net covers and use then throughout the whole grow. Those moths really do screw up your plans!

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  14. Amy... Google and YouTube how to use insect frass and organic and compost tea.

    Google and YouTube Boogie Brew Heavy Harvest foliar spray and ground feeding organic tea.

    Also study using Optic foliar Transport, ATAK, Watts, Rev, and, Switch. Optic foliar Over Grow is all these in one. Ready to use spray.
    Look in to these 2 beneficial organic products and you can see a big difference in your next grow or in this one that you're growing right now.
    Check it out to see for yourself

    I'm sorry I'm not good with sending links.. You can get the overgrow for a lesser price. I just need a big jug. LoL
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  15. I can't thank you enough for this!! I have seen brews & teas mentioned many times, but honestly didn't think much about it or even knew what it was all about. It's time for me to put my feet up and start reading & watching the vids. I'm already looking forward to next year because I'm going to have a little more knowledge than today. Looking at your beautiful pics.... I am definitely taking your advice. There's a lot of newbies out there who are stubborn to do it their way and continue to make the same mistakes that growers have made for decades. I'm not one of those newbies. I will keep my ears and mind open to those with experience. You guys KNOW what you are talking about! You've been there- already done it! So thank you for taking the time to share what only an experienced grower would know.

    P.S. I'm an Amazon Prime member too! Ha!

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  16. I sent you a pm. Did you get it?
    Just woundering. Been having issue's with PM messages and sending mentioning to forum users to direct them towards a thread?
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  17. I just saw it. It looks like I'm getting notified of posts like yours here, but not DMs. I'll check my settings in the app, otherwise I'll have to keep manually checking.

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  18. I rarely see the same expression from any of my anonymous bag seed efforts; even cuttings from the same donor follow different trajectories. The taller pair are pretty evenly matched although from different sources and separated by nearly a month but the lesser two are running neck and neck at this stage.
    IMG_20190624_090105.jpg IMG_20190624_090109.jpg
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