Should i ask to smoke with my cousin?

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  1. Alright so starting today i took a trip to visit my cousins who live in rhode island. they are 2 pretty chill dudes who listen to a lot of the same music as me, and one of them is in an awesome band. i suspect that the older one smokes but i am not sure. i want to ask him to smoke with me, i brought an eighth for the visit, but i dont know how he'll react. he could either be completely down about it, or he could freak and kick me out of his house. so tell me what to do grasscity!
  2. He probly smokes. What music do you listen to?
  3. he's your cousin...quit holdin out..
  4. straight up ask do you smoke weed.

    I just started blazing with my step brother, shit's awesome
  5. Just ask him if hes ever smoked. It's a pretty general question so he can't suspect much. If he says ya then offer to light one up.
  6. Don't bring out the weed THEN ask him if he smokes, just ask if he smokes, and if its a yes, then ta-la!
  7. I just told my best friend from my childhood that i blaze cause we recently started chilling often again, and he hasnt but he was totally chill. and i smoked him out for his first time. do it. youll be surprised how many people blaze/down to try it.
  8. Me and bestfriend just started smoking with his neighbor Monday and it's been sick as fuck cuz he's hella chill...from experience I say ask I've smoked with all my cousins :)
  9. if he starts trippin just tell him "it doesn't hurt to try, if it doesn't kill you" lol
  10. do it like a boss :D
  11. look for his stash man. if he don't have one then he don't smoke
  12. I'm in the same situation, mate. My cousin is in a pretty sweet band and I know he has atleast smoked before but he recently got married so I'm a bit hesitant to ask him. It would be pretty sweet if I could cheeb with him.

  13. i think it's hilarious how australian's sound australian even through text haha.
  14. lol come on man, if hes in a band he 99% sure lets to burn some good nugget :hello::hello::hello::hello:
  15. i asked my cousin straight up if he smokes weed and he said yes so we started blazing like crazy lol. fun times...

    anyway if you're a bit scared of asking just get to know him. what type of music he likes. what type of person he is. or just ask him if he smokes cigs at one point.

    wait you know what, just light up a j in front of him LOL
  16. how'd it work out dman?

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