Should i ask my smoking step dad to smoke?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jammin420, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Ok so I kno my step dad smokes pot, i found his stash, ive gone to his house and there was a half smoked joint and some papers on the table outside, my mom knows he smokes aswell as my sister and one or two of his kids know. Anyway im 18, ive drank with him beofre, he gives me beer, my mom lets me drink, but the subject of marijuana has never come up between me and my step dad. I want to be cool with him about it and it would prolly bring us closer (i hope), and i would like to smoke with him and be able to freely smoke at his house when his younger kids arent there. i was thinking maybe on a day it just the 2 of us i could confront him about i know he smoke and ask him if he would like to burn, and i would break out a nice impressive J. But i dont know if he would tell my mom or what and i dont know wat his reaction would be. I was also thinking on a night when we are hanging out and say he passes a beer or two my way i would pull out a J and ask him to smoke. Wat do you guys and girls think?
  2. You'll regret it... it will be awk as fuck

  3. well the first time me and my sis smoke it was really akward and we never got along at all, we hated each other, so my friend takes me out side and my sisters boyfriend brought her outside and they were like you both know the other smokes so we are gonna end the akward right now and we smoked and ever since then we have gotten along great and we are like best friends, it really did bring us closer, but idk, it could b diff. with a step dad
  4. anybody smoke with their parents?

  5. Every now and again ill pass the bubbler with my mom, but usually she will just come to my room and ask if she can have a "little pinch" as she calls it, to help her get to sleep. And i would say if he smokes, go for it. Its just passing a joint, how is that gonna be any more awkward than sharing a few beers? It wouldnt be in my mind. People make to big of a deal out of cannabis. Just ask him bro.
  6. If my parents smoked I'd love to smoke with them. My regs dealer lives with his girlfriend. Her mom knows he deals- doesn't mind- and every so often when we're there she'll accept the j we're passing. I think that's the coolest shit..

    I'd ask and go for it! .. :bongin: :D What a way to bond with a parental.
  7. just be real nonshalant (sp), or just speak hypothetically for instance, You guys are on the just chilling together and make the "you know and nice pull of a joint could hit the spot" or whatever terminalogy you think hes using.
  8. Smoked with my mom once. Wasn't too awkward, but it definently wasn't the best session I ever had.
  9. thanks for all the positive responses:wave:, i think when the time is right i might bring it up and hopefully it will go good:D
  10. I say just go for it. It won't be awkward once you're faded, and then you can just drift out and think how awesome it is that you're smoking with your step dad.
  11. Yea do it. I found out my dad smokes I just don't know how to ask. He even asked if I smoked I admitted it but we just haven't smoked togther. I found his weed..its better than mines anyway lol.

  12. hahaha shit... i agree

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