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Should I ask my dad to smoke with me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420cr, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. So I have suspected for years that my dad smoked. I would walk around and there would be this smell that I could tell was marijuana. Then one day I got some stuff that had the same exact smell that he did sometimes. Often times I would walk down to the basement and he would have a spasm and throw something under the chair, but I could never tell what it was. Hes a sneaky bastard.
    So today I went and got my girlfirend, and I walked downstairs to see my dad laying there asleep (he works 3rd and this was about 3 pm) with a lighter in one hand and a one hitter in the other and a zip lock bag laying on the footstool. I woke him up and was like HAHA! I knew it! He just covered it up with his hand and was like wtf are you talking about man? But i wasnt high so theres no way he could cover it up.

    Anyway, sorry for the high ramblings, but do you think I should ask him to smoke out with me? Hes a cool guy and Ive always thought it would be interesting. But I dont know, he thinks I quit. I am going to college in two days thougha nd it would be a fun way to kill some time.
  2. You're going to college in two days? Fuck it, ask him. I always wanted to blaze with someone from my family, but it's never happened.
  3. Yes. And ask why he's been holding out, not cool.
  4. Haha yea, When we talked about it I was like dad.. you dont have to lie to me.. Ive seen your freakouts and smelled the smell before. And he didnt deny it, but he didnt really say anything.
  5. Get some dank bud and a nice bong and smoke up!
  6. Lol yeah be like "Dad, I got this bong for college. Help me break it in."

  7. You really should, be sure to tell us what happens when you do lol :smoking:
  8. yes i smoke w step dad all the time . and lets just say i know where his weed is now. do it:smoking:
  9. yea ask him that should be fun. heh, getting blazed with your dad...:smoking:
  10. is anyone gonna post a no? i doubt it. HELL YES:smoking:
  11. Yes, do it. And get hella fucked up. :smoking:
  12. ask him to try some of his stash...then do a reenactment of that dumb weed commercial "YES DAD, I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU!"
  13. So I talked to him about it and he was like yea I was. And I have some left...
  14. Hell ya dude be like dad one last good time before i go off to college. Make a memory haha
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    My Dad grew up smoking/growing, and now that I'm a bit older I can smoke bud, I have smoked with him once (he hit my pipe once and got really high, didn't need more), and once I smoked 2 blunts with my mom (who doesn't like bud anymore and this was the last time toking) and a good friend outside, Dad just smoking a cig. He WANTED to toke with me before a long car ride back from cali, but with my mom there we never got around to it.

    Only reason my Dad doesn't toke more is because he gets really high and seems to only like to do it at very specific kinds of times lol, which I don't understand quite yet.
  16. Sweet!!! I like fast and happy conclusions :hello::smoke:

    Now go toke up with him.

  17. Gotta be 18 to be here bro, edit that post
  18. Yeah dude I smoke with my stepdad all the time and we have the best convos... goodtimes good memories. "Nike" that shit... JUST DO EET

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