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should i approach?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BYWBlazer, May 10, 2010.

  1. i found a marijuana plant growing in my living room in the window.
    and of course im completely cool with it, but its like out in the open behind another plant. should i apporoach my dad about it? and how?
  2. I'd approach him about it for sure. Wait until he's alone then just bring up how you saw his plant in the window.
  3. It might not even be a cannabis plant. Keep that in mind.

    Why don't you post a picture so we can tell you.
  4. #4 BYWBlazer, May 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 10, 2010
    i got stoned earlier, and then went to look outside, and i saw the leaves poking out, and then looked down and it was in a red cup. and i thought my plants mysterious moved, and then i did more research and realized my dad was growing! fucking mind blowing.

    guerilla, i know for a fact it is. i know my dad has always been smoking but never grown. it's in a red plastic cup.
  5. ask him to share when he harvests

    or ask him if you ccan grown your own
  6. i'l approach him tonight, haha. il let you guys know what goes down.
  7. I will be waiting for the outcome LOL.. subscribed, so you better update!
  8. Uh start growing in your room?

    edit. he'll probably give you some pointers
  9. I am so jealouse of peeps with parents who are ok with it, im not sure about my mum i think she would be cool but disaproaving. I dont think she wpould let me grow though
  10. keep us updated.:wave:
  11. no need for your dealer anymore:D
  12. lucky bastard
  13. u r so lucky
    do u smoke with ur dad? (u said b4 that u k he smokes)
    if so it wont be awkward
    tell us what happens this is interesting

  14. Hey dad, Why is there weed growing on the window sill?

    - Who the fuck are you questioning me?

    Well, the whole neighborhood can see it you dumb fuck, Let me make a grow room so we can grow stealthily.

    - You know how to do that?

    6 months later...

    You and your dad are smoking pounds of kush.
  15. Lol, yeah approach him, let us know what goes down.
  16. I wish my parents were as cool with it as yours... they found out a cousin of mine smokes and they think hes a really bad person and that he has a serious drug problem(he doesnt). -_-
  17. Me too. His parents wont even let him come home at night if hes high, and if they catch him he will get kicked out.

    its just weed, but they treat him like a crackhead. thats why im not going to tell my parents until I move out
  18. HAHA:hello:
  19. hes not home yet but il get pics later lol

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