Should I add a 2nd scrog net ?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    First time grower here with 2 plants I think the one to the front is an og kush and I can't remember what the second one was (as I threw away the package the seeds came in).

    I am using advanced nutrients in my diy recirculating hydroponic system.

    I am wondering if I should add a second scrog net as it's only week one of the flowering stage,and I have no idea how much taller these plants will grow and I might end up with the light being to close to the top of the plants.

    Also thinking I might if I have leaf tip burn or if it"s something else,I already flushed it with water for two days before switching to flower.Some leaves to the front also look like they suffered heat stress(I think)
    Comments and suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. I tend to drop 2 nets on most of my 4x4 sections, sometimes I do a good job topping and trimming and everything ends up nice, but its always nice to have a second one strung up and ready to be raised / lowered if you have a few branches that are just short of the main canopy, or a couple of colas that outperform the others and start getting too close to the lights. I don't see any reason why a second net could hurt your grow mate.

    If I don't need it, the double net is a little stronger for bending branches around than a single. (I use these flexible 4x4 sections that are like $10 each as I can just hose them off and hang them to dry after each grow.)

    There are probably better or cheaper ways, but I've been using the same nets for a couple of years now, beats buying and chucking twine ones or the pain in the ass of making my own.
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  3. Thank you,I believe I have that same exact black trellis net it smells like oil even though I washed it but I will use it.It will save me having to string another one on pvc.
  4. My canopy is formed by folio clips as anchor points and pipe cleaners to aggressively construct a competitive field of potential mains; average two months on long hours before the flip but a bigger base is achievable with another few weeks.
    Probably throwing too much light at the moment with two 300 watt Mars Hydro units in a 2 X 4 ft closet. Three additional extended veg cabinets roughly half that size running 150, 150, and 100 watt fixtures offer enough space to potentially flower which are fed by two separate sprouting enclosures that can handle things through the first month or so.
  5. I also use them as cheap netting on my truck bed too if I have a bunch of small brush, hay bales, etc

    Soap, water, 5 gallon bucket and you can typically clean them off in 5 mins to hang and dry.

    I eventually ordered some rubberized carabeaners to replace the small hooks it had on the corners, this way I can clip it right to the tent poles and between the natural tension and the rubberized hook, they stay in place quite well even with big branches trying to push them up.

    Also, I sometimes put in a very low net just to keep wildlife from trying to stand up and nibble sugar leaves away.

    Unfortunately, thats about all the useful knowledge I have on the netting, but best of luck, and nice looking plants!

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