Should Hybrid Civilian fix his Christmas tree train poll?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digger, Dec 19, 2022.


As stated above.

  1. Be a pan.

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  2. Be a pirate.

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  1. As the title states, should @Hybrid Civilian fix his Christmas tree train up to trackworthy spec's?
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  2. Who? What??
  3. I don't know any word of what you're saying. But I vote pirate I guess?
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  4. Mr the Hybrid has a Christmas tree train that he wont fix, i thought peer pressure might get the bastard into line and get it running:passtheshit:...
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  5. Dinkum-Aussie-Icons-Swaggy-Koala-character-Mascot.jpg
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  6. It's a cheap ass $15 knockoff polar express train set I got just to sit around the tree. The train works but two of the passenger cars don't stay attached to the engine when the train starts moving. Even if it worked perfectly I wouldn't use it lol, I just wanted it for looks really.

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  7. [​IMG]

    I always wanted a miniature snow blower train that ran around the tree blasting snow across the room. :)

    Fix the damn train. Some fine wire should get the cars to follow the engine if the couplers don't hold. Leave it slack enough not to bind the connection. Twisty tie with the paper burned off.

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  8. I dont own a tree to put it under:passing-joint:. MR...
  9. We have at least 4 people a year commit suicide by trains in my city... Quite glad we don't need those.
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  10. Sorry, that wasn't in the Christmas spirit.. it just got me thinkin lol
  11. The kids use the inevitable styrofoam peanuts from Christmas shipping to make mini snow-piles on our lego train around the tree and see how much they can "plow"

    Like this, only with with mom yelling about the mess afterwards.
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  12. That is fucking awesome!!!
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  13. next thread - should Digga get a tree for Christmas?
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  14. i tried that baking soda and superglue trick to weld plastic, let me tell you when the stuff is dry , it hard to drill through it. fixed the cluster in my 83 chevy with it.
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