Should Deprogramming be decriminalized?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by smokehound, Jan 17, 2014.

  1.  As you all know, cults are run by masters of brainwashing, and their holds on their victims are so intense that they will commit mass-suicide just to fulfill their "leader's" goals.
      There is a movement of "deprogrammers" that kidnap these victims, and bring them back to their families.  Unfortunately, kidnapping is kidnapping.  While I realize that legalizing, or at the very least decriminalizing this act may open a can of worms, it is the only way to save people from being manipulated into horrific acts.
       Sadly, many of the people that successfully save their family members/friends are imprisoned for simply saving their children from violent abusive cults.  
      IMO, "deprogramming" is a necessity and should be defined as distinct from "kidnapping".   
          Your thoughts?

  2. Any crime with good intentions are understandable, at least for me.I'm a pretty empathetic guy, and I would support them.Cults are evil, brainwashing is not an act of righteousness.Brainwashers deserve to be punished.. Unless its for a good cause~1996 Jiggawattz~
  3. Shooting brainwashers on sight, even by civilians, should be decriminalised. Problem solved.
  4. I didnt even know it was illegal.But isnt it just anti brainwashing brainwashing?Its the same a vigilanteism (which i support)Sent from my LG-E739 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Who knows, we might be the brain washed ones. Anti-brainwashing is just another form of brainwashing in a way.
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    It's kidnapping, by definition.  I also support vigilanteism.
       It's a necessity, and the only way to stop criminal organizations like Co$, which is known for child labor.  Those children need to be removed from them ASAP, because they're well-known for employing adults with severe mental problems.
      What's going to happen when those children get sick?  Will they end up like Lisa McPherson? 
      If the government wont stop it, who else will?
     Lol, that was my point from the beginning.
     Why arent the quotes showing properly when manually entered?  weird.

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