Should CEO's give up corperate jets?

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  1. What do you mean?
  2. How will the economic conditions force people to realize it, what will make billions say, "Oh, this might be a good idea" all at once?
  3. Because it's the only idea in their interests. They'll realize that capitalism benefits them in no way, and that socialism is the only system where they'll be in control. Of course, with the help of communists around the world, raising class consciousness.
  4. Whether it is in there interest or not, you can't really expect the majority to convert with such weak reasoning. Remember, humans are not always capable of seeing what's best for them especially with the past failures already obscuring the path.
  5. They certainly did in Russia, in dozens of other European countries, and even a fairly large portion of the American population in the 1920s an 1930s, and even the 1960s.

  6. Yeah, how did that turn out?

    Power corrupts.
  7. An unfortunate turn of events lead to these movements being sabotaged from the inside, and they were betrayed by Stalin. Stalin ruined it for socialism everywhere. But Stalin's gone, and it's a new time.
  8. Kasu, a truly classless society will have no money. :)
  9. That's true. A classless, stateless, moneyless society. When I imagine an advanced alien civilization, that's the kind of civilization I see, not a "free-market" one full of war, poverty, and disease.
  10. And this can only occur in the future, and never occurred in the past?

    In other words, do you really believe we're evolving rather than going in circles?

  11. we been going circles since mayas. Eygpt times, they use money/class system. We took their ways.
  12. I think we go in circles in our minds. Until we decide that's getting old. But I digress... :(
  13. we didn't consciously take their ways, it was an objective development. We didn't simply say "hey, lets make a class society"

  14. Objective? Seriously what is that? How can subjective humans formulate a permanent and verifiable objective understanding?
  15. Because society is governed by the laws of materialism.
  16. Laws are broken. See? I'm blazing.

    Please... these are the shortest answers I've seen you give. I can't believe you'd claim that we're governed by laws and yet you are talking about a classless society, which is lawless by nature, as there is no need for the people to make laws for the people. Are you then talking about man following his innate nature, which is in accordance with nature itself? I don't see why ideology would be necessary for that.

    I'm just saying... not attacking, just trying to see where you're coming from.
  17. Since this thread has shifted towards communism though I would post this.

    These are the ten planks of Communism according to Marx.


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