Should be expecting a call from the doc any minute.

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Then we'll see if I can get my lean on :hello: I don't want to jinx it but my doc always hooks me up when I have a cough. Just tell him it hurts and can't sleep, then boom! 6oz! I'm going through in that I usually have to get a refill and see if he can up the bottle at all. I just hope I get it. I've got it 3 times in a row. Not going to the doc in a row but 3 colds in a row so he can either cut me or stay cool. We'll see.
  2. hell when i go into my doc office when i have a cold, i demand cough syrup with codine. Ive been prescribed other shit but i just tell him those dont work as good, boom, big ass bottle of codine filled CS.
  3. hope u get prometh n codeine and not cheratussin or somethin :smoking:
  4. It's a tense moment. I talked to the desk lady and gave her my symptoms and the Docs going to call something in. I said he usually gives me something to take it right away. I can't express how badly I'll be let down if I wait hours, go to the pharmacy and pay for some weak shit. I'll refuse.
  5. Too bad that stuff doesn't do anything for me, when I'm actually sick the codeine barely help either :(
  6. take enough and it'll do it for ya
  7. Only problem is, excessive codeine consumption causes constipation.
  8. I assure you I've had beyond excessive condeine consumption and never clogged the pipes. Thank god. Sorry if thats you're problem.
  9. Well I picked it up today and it wasn't even the codone version. I'm raging. I say I need shit for chest pain and they give a 50$ version of something I could have got OTC. Waste of fucking money. I refuse to sit down for this shit. The doc probably knows what hes doing but if I call and say "It took my cough away (which it has) but hasn't taken away my chest/throat pain like the previous scrips have (which it hasn't)" think he'll figure it out and rescrip me? I can't pay 50 more for something else and I don't want to be stuck with this shit.
  10. Fuck it, take some tylonels.
  11. most likely you're still going to get charged for the first perscription, but it sounds like a good plan, unless he thinks you're going in for the drugs
  12. They appologized and gave me my damn codeine. It was $10 for the same sized bottle, with better active ingredients. Everyones trying to get the best of me. Why would the doc give me something new (that has no generic) when they've given me that for so long and know it helps me? Couldn't return the other stuff due to pharm regulations but I'm just baffled.
  13. Trading my boy an Oz for a gram of some fire.
  14. So it worked out thats good.

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