Should adults watch cartoons?

Discussion in 'General' started by suicidebonger, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Oooooh, love me some classic cartoons. Ed edd n eddy was the legit shit. Anyone seen the movie? xD so goodSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. I watch cartoons every damn day. It's healthy.
  3. Adventure Time is my life
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  4. Here in the US you get five main options of entertainment on average television (not counting movies).
    1. Bad sitcoms/drama with c rate actors.
    2. Cartoons with cheap humor
    3. "News" :ey:
    4. Sports
    5. Game shows
    I got rid of TV service years ago and haven't looked back because the only thing I ever watched was cartoons, they were literally the only thing on cable worth a shit. The internet has all I need for cartoons and TV anyways.... Anime, Trailer Park Boys, South Park, Henri Pis Sa Gang (French dub of King of the Hill), various french movies, and the Onion (way better source for news then stuff that is actually a news network, news is a fucking joke).
  5. I still watch anime sometimes, I'd be lying if I said I didn't still enjoy cartoons. And my favourite shows are breaking bad and boardwalk empire just to put it in perspective for you guys. You're never too old for that shit.

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  6. These days a better question would be .. should we let children watch cartoons?

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  7. I like most adult cartoons but some of these new kids cartoons are pretty good. I'm actually surprised they can get away with some stuff in them especially gravity falls but regular show and adventure time are more toned down but still have adult themes in them

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  8. What's wrong with cartoons?
    Except archer, fuck I drink so much when that show is on...
    Rick n morty makes me smoke mad bowls.
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  9. Do you wanna die or something, bro?
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  10. Each individual should do whatever he/she enjoys. Life is all about happiness, not following standards and rules like a slave. Don't be a slavery to society standards.
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  11. I watch many diff anime ones. also like ed edd and eddy and courage the cowardly dog. lol
  12. Adults should watch whatever the hell they want and not give a shit about the judgement of others based on what you watch!
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  13. I wouldn't trust anyone who doesn't watch cartoons. Makes me think they're hiding something. Mainly, the fact that they watch cartoons and don't want to admit it.
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  14. I used to think my brother's cousin was weird for still watching cartoons in his early 20s. But here I am, 24 and still waiting for Netflix to put Hey Arnold! And Rocko's Modern Life up there.

    1. Rugrats
    2. Doug
    3. Rocko
    4.Edd/Courage (tied)
    5. Cow and Chicken

    Honorable mentions: Rocket Power, CatDog, Fairly OddParents, Ahh! Real Monsters (I'm wearing a Krumm shirt right now), Dexter, Powderpuff Girls, Sheep in the Big City, Samauri Jack, Johnny Bravo annnnnndddddd Oh Yeah! Cartoon skits.

    Not too crazy about the new shows, mostly because my niece is 13 and watches live action Disney shows like Liv and Maddie (Disney needs to slow it down with all the makeup they put on these kids. Can't even see their personality with all that shit on em) , but I DID like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Shit used to get real on that show.

    But now I mostly stick to American Dad! (About to stop watching that because Season 10 is shit), 90s cartoons and Anime.

    Ice coffee is great. It's like hot coffee. ..but cold! -TeresaHC
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  15. Yooo I almost forgot what was the name of that cartoon that had skits like "Action League, Now!" "Prometheus and Bob" shit like that? That show was definitely one of my favorites .

    Ice coffee is great. It's like hot coffee. ..but cold! -TeresaHC
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  16. Cartoons are awesome. Grew up watching probably every cartoon possible and I get enjoyment when I remember the episode. Nick and Cartoon Network used to have great sitcom shows too.
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  17. It was called KaBlam
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  18. Yeah!! KaBlam! I wonder if they have boxsets

    Ice coffee is great. It's like hot coffee. ..but cold! -TeresaHC
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  19. Cartoons are some of the best programs currently, American Dad is my favourite

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