Should A Male Turned Female Fight In Mma(Against Other Females)?

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    I searched and didn't find anything so what do you blades think?
    Should a Male turned Female be allowed to fight in MMA such as fighter Fallon Fox?
    Now I have done hardly any research on this topic but my opinion is that this person was born Male, went through puberty male and that alone gives this person an advantage over natural females I don't care how many hormone pills you take. What's your opinion? :smoke:

  2. well i think if he go against man thats okay but  i think he would be at an advantage against female  but thats just my 2 cent whitout fact
    in the picture you can see he still got good shoulder and probly have a stong back etch.
    "White wants to see that kind of experience – against quality competition – before he'd even consider signing Fox.

    "Here's the other thing," White said. "All this other hype about Fallon Fox fighting in the UFC or whatever, understand this first and foremost: Everyone that Fallon Fox has fought has a losing record.

    "So before you even think about fighting in the UFC or whatever – he was a man and now he's a woman – he's fighting girls who have losing records. Before you get too crazy about him being in the UFC, he's so freaking far from being in the UFC that it's not even funny."
  4. Fuck no. They didnt have to get a sex change. Fight with men or don't fight at all.
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    I'll have to watch a fight first
  6. its well documented that he was born in 1975 and didn't get the the surgery until lived his entire life pretty much as a male, went through puberty as a male
  7. Rousey would destroy Fox
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  9. She was born with the mind of a male. That never changed. She will fight like a male. I say there is an advantage.
  10. Ugh that's one hiduous she male
    true that
  12. There is no way in hell that this should be allowed. Males vs Males, Females vs Females. There are 2 types of chromosome possibilities (in general), which are XX and XY. Whichever one you relatively fall under should be the one you fight in.
  13. Not if she's clearly outperforming them. They need a new division or something. lol
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    You should fucking watch the fights, sweet jesus he pounded the piss outta both those women, however if they host the fights on indian land the natives basically have their own sports commission and probably don't even have one and wanna maximize profits instead.
    Also, males will always have bigger bone structure and natural muscle then females AND since she doesn't have any balls the question is raised, is she shooting up test?
  15. i second this...if they want to fight, there should be a new division created for them
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    Rhonda Rousey on Falcon Fox (this was all already discussed in the ufc thread btw)

  17. There is no such thing as a male turned into a female. You're stuck with the sex you're born with.
    There is such a thing as a man turned into a woman. Gender is changeable.
    I don't think she should be allowed to compete. She has an unfair advantage against all the other women as a result of being biologically male.
  18. Definitely shouldn't be allowed, but I'm sure the LGBT groups will scream foul if it isn't allowed to fight. Too bad, I think this and the gay nfl players just ruin the sport. We should never know their sexual preference it doesn't have anything to do with sports. It's just all for attention.

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