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Should 1 gram be enough for a pure joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zolt, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Hey always smoke my weed with tobacco but I really want to start smoking it pure but it usually takes 2 grams for a kingsize joint and it usually ends up pretty short aswell can how do people roll up an entire king sized joint with 1 gram also does grinding by hand make a big difference or is it pretty much the same?
  2. Use 1 1/2" papers. I use a roller and they come out looking exactly like a cigarette. 1 gram give or take. Yea man stop ruining your weed with tobacco.
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  3. You don’t know how to roll a joint?
  4. I can roll Prego ones. Who gives a fuck though I get a properly rolled joint every time. Wether it was rolled with fingers are a roller doesn't change a damn thing.
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  5. I smoke with friends alot so smaller papers wont really work when passing around a joint and I roll with tobacco just because to actually be able to roll a good sized joint I need to use like 3 grams
  6. I wasn’t talking to you.
  7. I can roll joints
  8. You can't......if 1 gram isn't isn't enough no matter how you roll it.......or break it up.

    If you are trying to roll pure for you and your are going to need alot more than 1 gram.
  9. Thank you for a simple answer
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  10. How many friends are we talking....are they not throwing in on it?
  11. max 4 people but usually 3 and they might have some of their own weed to throw in sometimes
  12. Just smoke a bong/pipe instead man it'll get you way higher & you won't waste as much weed
  13. I would say you would want a gooood 2 grams in there....but I dunno how yall chief it down so......

    You best be tellin em that shit don't grow on trees!!......................................oh shit, wait...:love-m3j:
  14. How can anyone say one gram or two?
    I recall getting reefer and declaring that a mistake was made; this was CLEARLY only a half ounce. Someone agreed with me. We popped it in the scale.... ONE OUNCE!
    Get my drift?
  15. Yeah.....that you weren't great at eyeballing weight???:love-m3j:
  16. No... we both agreed that it looked very short... yet it weighed out just right. :thumbsdown:
  17. Well TO ME...its kinda like which weighs more...a pound of lead or a pound of feathers........a gram is a gram is a gram.....and by saying at least 2 grams....that is universal for everyone......the pound of feathers will be WAY BIGGER looking...but weigh the same
  18. Joints, I use 1.0, but bigger are easier until u get good. Put ur smoke in it evenly across. Then put a finger in the center and make a mound on both side leaving very little in the center, with both pointers and thumbs roll up then down, tuck, lick and seal. When u roll up and down the mounds will flatten into the center and be even across. I mainly smoke blunts now. I’ve been rolling with .3g.
  19. Old school Toker.

    What the fuck just roll a normal joint and smoke it .. what is there to talk about ?
  20. Many many many ppl can’t roll well at all

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