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Shoud You Tell Your Dealer Your Full Name?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AveMaria101, May 25, 2013.

  1. So if he asks for it should i tell him?
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    Why would he ask for it? If he asks for it I would find a new dealer...
    And no don't tell him.
  3. If he needs to ask, then that already sound sketch. Mine doesn't my know last name, and I don't know his, and I'd prefer to keep it that way.
  4. I go to a dispensary and they always ask for a paper with my name on it :(
  5. I was supposed to meet up with him yesterday but he couldn't show. I had seen him earlier but he had to grab the stuff. So today I text him asking when we can meet up, and then he asks for my last name. If he was a cop or anything you'd think he'd have gotten me yesterday. But still, why ask for my last name?
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    No I dont think hes a cop. In my experience when it comes to drugs and drug dealers, if you have to question something being shady, which it sounds like you are, then it's shady. Asking for your last name is just odd. Give him a fake one and see what happens.
  7. Depends on if hes sketchy or not.
  8. Unless I'm friends with them, no.
  9. If a dealer wants your full name, he's going to get it whether you tell him or not.
    If that's the case, I'd have to question his mental sanity. There's no reason for a dealer to need to know you on a personal first AND last name basis. A first name or nick-name shoulder be enough. Maybe's there more to it than just a "dealer".
  11. He's a dealer he probably has lots of people in his phone with the same name as you and needs to differentiate
  12. yeah I don't really see the big deal. what's someone going to do w/ your last name anyway?
  13. I dont deal with people I dont know, that would be stupid.
  14. Well, every hookup i've gotten has been from a friend, so i came in here thinking "well why wouldn't you" but this scenario is questionable. Do you have a common name? Maybe there are a lot of people with your first name in his phone like smokentoke said. I'd give him a fake name though until you know he isnt a cop or a stalker or something. Normally I'd have given my last name without giving it much thought, he must be pretty sketchy if you had to come here and ask
  15. my friends who deal obviously know my last name, but my dealers only know my first name and have never bothered to ask. Honestly, depends how sketchy he seems, then i would decide if i tell him or not
  16. Your full name? Lol. What next? He wants your social security number?
  17. What's the point of telling him your last name or first name to begin with?
    If he goes down, then chances are he will rat anyone he can to get the attention off of him.
  18. I can see why some people might not want to, but it doesn't make any difference for me. All of my Ganja Guys have known my name and I've always known theirs. I'm not doing anything criminal, so whatevs we're just stoner buds afaik.  ^_^ 
  19. It depends how close you are with your dealer. If your dealer is a street corner kind of guy I wouldn't even say my first name, let alone stand my full name. But dealers you keep on buying from for a long period of time are cool, I can tell my dealer my full name because we trust each other. He leaves his full bag of weed next to me while he gets the scale from upstairs without me taking a bit from the sack in the meantime. It's called trust.
    Right, my old dude trusted me to get it out of his car while he was at work, I'd just step inside, grab his keys and go to his car. I'd record myself the whole time, from grabbing the keys, to , and then I'd show it to him so he knew I wasn't fucking him over, but he didn't even ask for that, I just didn't want their to be any possible negative scenarios.

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