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Shotgunning yourself?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CloudyWolf, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. While smoking a bowl I had the idea of exhaling a lungful of smoke into a bag, then inhaling from the bag, exhaling into the bag, etc., etc.. so basically shotgunning yourself for a minute or two. This method got me as high as i've ever been in a long time. The odd thing is, the smoke doesn't smell when you exhale it into the air, or emty the bag of smoke.

    I dont kow if that was a good idea or not, I just thought I'd share and get you guy's opinions.
  2. it gets you high because you're basically hyperventilating, inhaling carbon dioxide instead of oxygen, starving your brain of oxygen. Might as well just hold your breath for a long time
  3. I did this the first couple times I got high with friends, as we didn't have much.

    Not since though and I don't remember how it was.

    Seems legit, though you could be inhaling recycled shit and toxins that comes off the weed and excess C02.

    That's just my science classes talking, I could be totally off.
  4. ive never done it like that but i have covered mouth and shotgun and blunted and inhale thru my nose... waste some smoke but it works well :) nothing like a good ol nasal every once in awhile
  5. I do not recommend this.
    My friend tried this once and we had to spend the rest of the evening cleaning up his brain and pieces of skull off my wall. Not fun.

  6. That sounds alot like a "French Inhale"... only harder...
  7. yeah it is harder.. but well worth it once accomplished :) hmmm speaking of which think ima smoke the rest of this blunt before i go to sleep :smoke:
  8. :rolleyes: Gotta do that stuff outside, right before a rain storm, little less clean up involved

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