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shotgunning really get you higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SDVP, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. im referring to blowing exhaled smoke into someones mouth through a tube or similar.. has anyone successfully gotten high off of exhaled smoke? or is all of the smoke already robbed of thc?

    any input would be welcome :D
  2. id never inhale somones exhaled smoke.... and youd prolly get buzzed from it, but i mean... comon
  3. Shotgunning is only acceptable when two women shotgun whilst making out.
  4. I have seen two dudes do it and I was high and had a laughing fit. Funny shit. I doubt there is any thc left in that smoke but who knows.
  5. You could probably get a little buzz if you took enough shotguns, I used to do them with my old chick smoking buddy once in awhile, basically because I just wanted to kiss her but that's off topic.

    I think shotguns are kinda pointless.
  6. ill never take a shotgun from another dude, and i dont like them anywys, but my friends that are girls love them for some reason and i dont want to be the odd one out.

    personally just never did anything for me. to answer the question, it seems it would be impossible to get higher (as in comparatively) off of used smoke. get a little bit higher overall? maybe
  7. i would never shotgun exhaled smoke..

    the only time i've ever "shotgunned" anything, is someone putting the burning end of a blunt in their mouth and blowing the smoke out the other end, into your nose or mouth.
  8. I do it with girls once and a while. I actually got really ripped from a few though. It worked half of the time.
  9. ive seen guys do it with the blunt between them
    so there not getting exhaled smoked its from the blunt
    its kinda gay though
  10. Shotgunning isn't exhaled smoke -_-

    Someone puts the cherry side of the blunt in their mouth and blows smoke straight out to you and you can take it from the nose or mouth.

    Does it fuck you up : Yes

  11. This is the only shotgun I've heard of :smoking:
  12. same here...i agree it is kinda gay...i had a homie that had this lil pipe he smoked roaches from and he would always try to give us shotguns....i never did it lol

    not the best method tho...its more of a thing to do at parties just to say uve done it lol
  13. It's not gay at all >.>
    It's not like your kissing him, you don't even realling have to get close.
  14. i do it all the time with these chicks that "feel guilty smoking weed" but shotguns dont count. and yeah they get stoned as fuck but then again we are getting like 10 times higher than them so idk

    it works

    not well

    but still fun
  15. Lol shotgunning with a shotgun! (prolly where the term comes from)

    [ame=]YouTube - weed shotgun[/ame]
  16. I remember this one day at work this gangsta came in and was like this shotguns broke!!! So I was like damn it took it in the back, and the only reason that shit was jamming was cause they where using the chamber as the story though.

    disclaimer: Told the dude not to do that and not to bring that shit to the store
  17. I love shotgunning with my girl. She always gets mad when I take bigger hits. I love seeing a chick smoke, its so sexy.
  18. no 2 dudes should ever shotgun eachother
    not hot in any way

    unless if it was chuck norris and david hasselhoff
  19. I've shotgunned plenty of guys. Though I was drunk off my ass, it didn't matter. If you wanna get high, get high.

  20. The only reason I dont give you rep is because you mentioned norris and hasselhoff...

    other than that agreed two dudes and a shotgun = ghey

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