Shotgun kissing

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  1. Shotgun kissing is one of the best things ever, take a hit from whatever you smoking, kiss a girl and blow the smoke into her. Idk bout anyone else, but it is one of my absolute favorite things
  2. yes, indeed, it is great :smoking:
  3. It is pretty sweet.

    Or just kissing when have a mouth full of smoke.

    What is kinda akward is when a guy asks you to shotgun with you, the whole cupping each others hands together over each others mouths and shotgunning the smoke. Not lips to lips.
    A guy asked me that about 3 years ago at a concert.... I was like "nah man, I'll pass... just hit this bowl"
  4. I do this with my gf all the time

    Conserves weed, makes us horny, etc ;)
  5. That's actually how my first kiss happened. I was young (15 or so) and relatively new to smoking at the time. My best friend, this girl we both kind of knew, and I were smoking a joint in his room. The chick takes a hit, and my friend says "Hey, show (me) how to shotgun." Before I could say anything, she leans over, grabs my head, presses her (remarkably soft, full) lips against mine. She didn't pull away for a good 30-40 seconds.
  6. One of the best ways to break the ice with a girl. By a mile.

    It's how I got my first kiss, so shotgunning is always going to hold a special place in my heart hahahaha

  7. Hot, my first kiss was a fat pregnant girl I met on the bus 30 minutes previous
  8. [quote name='"Alrex"']Hot, my first kiss was a fat pregnant girl I met on the bus 30 minutes previous[/quote]

    My first kiss was a drunk ho who fucked my one my best friends, I win.

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