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Shot gunning with a joint in your mouth.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stoned to Sleep, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. How does one do this? Do you actually stick the burning end IN your mouth? Sounds risky.
  2. To give a shotgun, you take the joint (I'd use a blunt, joints burn too quick and are kinda small to do it with, but the choice is yours) and put it backwards, put the flaming in into your mouth (get the tounge out of the way) and exhale. Then, thick, milky smoke comes out of the end you suck out of, and someone can inhale that in. Works real well if you do it through your nose, but it can sting a bit. Have fun.
  3. Yeah, Im smoking with a really fine girl tommorow, I think it would be a good opportunity to try.

  4. good luck :D

    don't pull a "how high" grope :D
  5. idea: i was thinking that the reasons alot of people dont shotgun is prolly cuz its too close to your friends face, or you dont wanna burn yourself, so i thot of this, wat if u had a tub, and one person with a blunt/j in their mouth on one end, and a friend blowing smoke into the tube, keeping everything sealed so air goes through the tube and through the j/blunt..

    any thots?
  6. why not just inhale the smoke, and give the chick a kiss, you exhale, she inhales, and voila, now i know a lot of people beleive that the THC is gone in like 3 seconds, but i've had blowbacks that have worked, and i mean well stoned...........saves weed too, if your short..........Peace out......Sid
  7. yeah sid's method is good =)

    as for shotgunning, before you put the j in your mouth, have the friend (this works for male friends, aka no mouth contact) hold up his right hand and you hould up your right hand. now interlock fingers and curl them until you've made a tube out of your hand and his hand. then put the j in your mouth, each person puts their mouth on one end of the "tube", you blow out through the j and he inhales the goodness. You can get massive rips this way.
  8. I'd rather shotgun blunts over joints, too. You turn it around in your mouth, close lips on it, roll your lips forward some and blow. When shotgunning to guys I usually make a tunnel out of my hands and I've used glass bong stems from broken pieces before. However, with girls, I just like to get close. :)
  9. What I like to do is when you blow the smoke out of the blunt, use that little straw you get with the blunt wraps to suck through. If you're good enough you can hold it so that the end of the straw is right beside the end of the joint. Then its just like a solid stream of smoke from the joint into the straw, into your lungs haha. This way, you get all of the smoke, none wasted.

    And it perfect because you have the straw there everytime you roll a blunt cuz it comes with the blunt wrap so its not like you have to go out of your way to get one.
  10. you don't have a straw if you roll a blunt like a man and use a cigar. :p I just consider wraps cheating, only acceptable every once in a while for the flavorful no effort blunt.
  11. I don't like to bother doing the whole cigar thing and emptying out all the tobacco. Seems like nothing more than a waste of a good cigar and time. Wraps work fine and get you really blazed.
  12. If you're calling a phillie a good cigar then you've been missing a lot. Go find a Hoyo de Monterey Dark Sumatra or a Punch Presidente and smoke it. Those are nice cigars. Not too expensive either. I can't afford to spend more than $6 or $7 on a cigar with as much as I end up smoking them with friends.
  13. i thought this was the "season tokers" area, and you dont know how to give a gun?

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