Shot at the mall

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  1. I live in jersey and someone got shot at my local mall that i always go to. A guy went it there shot his girlfriend and then killed himself. His girl is still alive and in stable condition. I was gonna go there and chill with my friend, but decided to go to a little party and drink some beer. He called me up like someone just got shot! i was like damn. I wasn't too surprised cause that kind of shit happens a lot around me, just never at a mall. Just sad to hear that it happened, this world is coming to shit.
  2. haha, bet hes gutted his gf didnt die
  3. Yeh getting shot sucks ( I know first hand). But, witnessing someone get shot and die is pretty traumatic. Where In NJ was it?
  4. Thats Jersey for you
  5. GO JERSEY!!!!!!!

    its tough in the streets of jersey
  6. where in jersey are you? I was raised in bergen county.
  7. Jersey blows. I hate living here.
  8. What mall was this at?
  9. Word on both of them.

    It sucks but its no suprise, Every time i turn on the news 'so and so shot on southwest side', 'so and so shot in downtown', 'so and so shot on the eastside', ect ect.
  10. id be drinking bottled water,,,, theres something in the water in jersey,,,,

    too many killins going on !!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:
  11. mad heads get popped off out here at da malls youngin, so bes' stop actin lyke it sumptin special, dig?

    anyway, now that everyones iq has now dropped, i shall quietly walk away...:)
  12. Whats murder got to do with IQ.

    Everyone seems to act like if you from the hood your a dumb *blank*.

    Aient true.

    Rose that grew from the concrete.
  13. no, i meant from my statement above it...seriously when people type like that, i feel like i kinda lose some intelligence...

    i know tons of people who are from new haven and southie boston who are the smartest people your gonna meet, just never got to use that oppurtunity...pretty fucking sad to see someone who could have been something great barely making it...:(

  14. It was at the Menlo Park Mall.
  15. Oh aight, I misunderstood you.

    Its true tho, We got many smart people out here because thier smarts are what kept them alive, But we dont have the opportunites others have. We have to try 50 times harder to get there.
  16. shiiiit, people from the hood that get str8 A's get served scholarships before anybody else
  17. But people in the hood dont always get to stay in school, Ya gotta make ends meet before anything else. Alot of wasted skill on the digi scale.

  18. you think that's bad, Oakland has a 110% crime rate, many of them being murders, and being the worst in the country. Sunnydale (here in SF) has a couple of fatal shottings a week. Same goes for the western addition, plus or minus a couple deaths.
  19. True..........
  20. ive always found man, bein poor (my mom never had much, other than my grandparents, no one in my family ever made over 30 grand a year and if they did it wasnt steady..) always taught me values and respect, and how to be an honest person...shit if i didnt grow up broke, i probably wouldnt have loved reading so much...

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