Shot 5 times in the face by London Police

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. I Would like to express my scincerest heart-felt sympathies to the family of Jean Charles De Menezes.

    Summary: A brazillian immigrant in london, was chases by undercover police officers who failed to identify themselves, untill he was pinned down by four of the officers and shot 5 times in the face, at point blank range, in front of terrified subway passengers. This man was innocent, he was simply under suspicion, as it turns out, he had done nothing illegal and had no connection to the London Bombings.

    I also would like to express my outrage as a fellow human being. This crime should not be left unpunished. I plea to all of you, send letters to the london metropolitan police department, and any of you who call London or Great Britain home, PLEASE, you can help more than many can, be active and let your voice be heard, don't let this cold-blooded murder go without an answer.

    The newly installed "kill-to-protect" policy now enforced by the London Police is going to far.

    "This is only a victory for those ""terrorists"" (quoted twice based on my beleif of this whole fear propaganda), not only do we fear the law-breakers, but we now must fear those who uphold it"
  2. he was shot 8 times, and thats pretty ridiculous

    the police should definately be punished for what they did

    that policy is going too far, like the quote said, people in london have to fear the ones who are supposed to uphold the law
  3. Where can I send a letter? I'm not from England.

    That's pretty fucking outrageous. This world is slowly turning into a police state, one day at a time.
  4. those police should each be shot 16 times in the face


    they couldve gotten him and questioned him god damn
  5. That's very very depressing. We need to change the world, man. No more of this crap, no more bombings and killings and hurting. Everyone needs ganja. Honestly, if we could just get like Bush and Usama to toke up together, (they're already friends, we used to fund him) and those damn iraqis who just want us out of their motherfucking country (I don't blame you, god bless) just get them all to smoke up together everything might be ok. But probably not. It'd probably start an even bigger war. I dunno man. I've had about enough.
  6. I agree!!
  7. Shoot to kill policy used here in the north of ireland pre 1992
    Blair has the cheek to issue an apoligy weasel words the soldier who shot innocent peter mc bride even got back into the army even after being found guilty of murder..
  8. Hmm, do you have an resources for any of this? i'd be really interested to read up on this, i honestly have not known about the shoot to kill policy being used in north irlenad.
  9. damn that sux 2 hear that kinda shit.. i know they are just trying 2 protect their country and do the right thing, but that was wrong.. i bet they feel really bad
  10. well the dude was wearing a long trenchcoat on a summer day, hopped a tunstyle AND refused to stop when explicitly told by the police officers to stop the day after the bombings.... you gotta admit the dude was a fucking moron
  11. yeah, that was pretty stupid.

  12. I could understand if they shot him in the leg to bring him down, but they shot him point blank in the head seven times and once in the shoulder. There was no need for such force, no need at all.
  13. I bet it was the new guys fault.
  14. Actually, the police officers never identified themselves as such, and they were plain clothes. Also, he was wearing a trenchcoat because "brazillians feel that 'hot' weather in london is too cold for them". So here is this guy, going to work or whatever and you have these four or five big guys following you, looking mean and then they start to chase your ass. I'm run my ass off.

    Also, it wasn't an issue of keeping his off transit, when they followed him, they let him get on a bus and didn shoot him 8 times in the face! It was only once they caught up with him in the subway.

    EDIT: woo, 900th post, smoke a bowl beyotchez!
  15. There's al lot of controversy here, I ain't gonna take any side. But You simply don't shoot a suicide bomber but in the head, or you might trigger the bomb.

    Police say they identified themselves and challenged him to stop. But he ran, probably because he was afraid of being deported. Others say they didn't identify themselves. Hard to judge for me...

    But one thing is sure: The terrorists got as they wished.
  16. That's some fucked up shit, dude.

    But you know what bothers me a little more than this? The new draft of the Iraq constitution. It's incredibly racist, sexist (promising more rights for men), and sets up a national socialist medical system paid for by the US, something that American's don't even have! I'd say that's fucked up. I mean shit, it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL (by the Iraq constitution) to say something bad against the government!
  17. the officers didnt have to pay any penalty

  18. Id like to know more on this astro--you have any information sites i could read up on this? im searching, but havent come across anything yet...edit, except for the leaked english version im sort of reading now. im concerned about the medical system that we would be footing. any info on that?
  19. It was wrong to kill an inocent man, but lets see this from different porspective. The cops tough the man was a suecide bomber. They begun to chase the man and he ran away, so they basically killed the man to avoid him blowing himself up and harming innocent people. thats why they shot so many times - to kill him instantly.
    Thats just what I heard somewhere, it sounds logical. You have to understand, when everyone is so stressed out like people in London, bad things are easy to happen.

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