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  1. So I have 10 plants that are healthy as can be. But I was wondering if anyone had any ideas why they are more bushy than tall. I have plenty of head room and would love for them to be much taller. Running 3 strains all are short. Ak-47 chemdawg and Incredible Hulk. Week 4 of veg grown from seed. All three strains can't be short and bushy strains so it must be something I'm doing.
    Pro-mix hpcc
    General hydroponics n/p/k
    Cal mag
    Ph 5.8
    #5 pots
    400 watt t5
    1200 watt led 568w at plug
    78 degrees
    65 rh

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  2. I'm only guessing. is in the picture the purple light is over the shortest ones and the more wight light is over the tall side. Or am I wrong?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Good eye. but I Just put the led light in yesterday and I put the shorter ones under there thinking it may heIp. I'm set up to have six in veg and 6 in flower (the law) but it's my first grow so I have alot in my veg area until I can send 6 off to flower. So I grabbed one of my lights from my flower room until then.

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  4. Okay. Personally I like shorter plants. But your going to get very crowded in there. Did you do any training? How old are they? Did you fem the two taller ones.
  5. Your plants look great! Personally I would thin them out a bit - but it's certainly not necessary and plenty of people will disagree. Good job.
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  6. don't forget they'll double in size when you switch to 12/12..
    They look beutifull! I would think short and bushy is a much more desired trait.

    What is a 400w t5? Just googled but can't find :/
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  7. Yes it's going to get crowded. But soon 6 will be in my flower room. I have topped twice. I fim'd one of the taller plants. (First time) no lst or anything like that.
  8. I think he means 400watts of t5 bulbs

    And they do look grate
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  10. The quote and reply get away from you lol...

    The t5's with there 6500k temp are good to keep plants short, so that might explain why they all short. Don't forget t5 light footprint is like 2 feet. So they can't handle tall plants anyway.

    Also I would say that's high W no? I only say this because I'm goona get 2 4 bulb t5's for veg. And there 96w each.

    I think your worrying too much. They'll explode when you out them to flower. And you'll have two fantastic rooms!

    Also where do you live where your allowed 6 veg 6 flower. I need to add it to my list of possible countries to immigrate to lol..
  11. Hell yeah once you flip the switch on them girls they will explode. Keep up tge good work man because bushy in veg is what you want. Happy Growing!
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  12. Yup lol the replies got away from me. Got it now

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  13. I have one 8 bulb t5. So I guess it's not really 400w. Just under

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  14. Maybe. it's so strange Amazon doesn't list the watts. I googled that though and it does say 8 54 watt bulbs. It's either the different brand or maybe (actually most likely) you have the long 4ft bulbs...

    Also if they have been vegging under just the 8 bulb t5 then theve been competing more for light than they useuall you would as your gonna split the rooms. Next time you'll have half the plants in there so theoretically they'll get twice as much light and grow bigger and faster.

    But again don't forget the t5's have a short footprint..

    Good luck with your endeavour.
  15. Exactly. 4 foot bulbs

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  16. I just see it even says 4ft :thumbsdown: sorry!

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